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Wesley Costa de Moraes

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Welles 3E

Office Hours - Spring 2020

M 1:30- 2:30 p.m.

W 2:30-3:30 p.m.

and by appointment


  • SPAN 102: Elementary Spanish II

    A continuation of SPAN 101. Prerequisites: SPAN 101 or its equivalent. Offered every semester

  • SPAN 314: M/ContempLatinAmCivIII:Contemp

    Study of the main aspects of live in 20th and 21st century Latin America (institutions, society, way of life) through discussions based on the use of authentic documents (reviews, magazines, recordings, interviews, information online). Aural/oral skills emphasized. Prerequisites: SPAN 301. Offered fall, odd years

  • SPAN 453: Early Latin American Lit

    Study of the development of Latin American literature through close reading of major works, including chronicles, memoirs, and essays, from pre-Columbian times through the early 19th century. Focus will alternate between indigenous texts and those by Spanish, criollo and Latin American authors. May be repeated under different focus. Prerequisites: One survey course: (SPAN 303, 304, 305, or 306). Offered fall, even years