Global Languages and Cultures Study Abroad Programs

Geneseo students, and especially Global Languages and Cultures' majors and minors, are invited and encouraged to participate in accredited programs of study at institutions of higher education located in foreign countries. Programs are sponsored by Geneseo, by other units of the State University of New York, and by other institutions. Students may obtain information concerning these programs, credit transfer, and application materials from staff in the Office of Financial Aid.

The Department of Global Languages and Cultures coordinates or co-sponsors study abroad programs in the following countries (contact the faculty member responsible for each program for further information):

  • Argentina (Dr. Lori Bernard)
  • Costa Rica
  • Czech Republic (Dr. Cynthia Klima)
  • Ecuador (Dr. Wesley Moraes)
  • France (Dr. Beverly Evans)
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Peru (Dr. Wesley Moraes)
  • Senegal (Dr. Kodjo Adabra)
  • Spain (Dr. Susana Castillo-Rodr√≠guez)

Program descriptions are available from the Study Abroad Office.

Best Time to Study Abroad

It is preferable that students seeking teacher certification study abroad prior to student teaching. It is essential that students plan the education blocks with study abroad in mind. French and Spanish Workshop 320 and INTD 302 (Foreign Language Methods and Materials) are offered only in the spring semester.

Recommended Duration

At least one semester; a year is preferable to ensure maximum progress. Summer study abroad is also beneficial.

Transferring Credits

The Office of the Dean and the Department Chair evaluate exact equivalencies and conferral of credit.


As you plan each semester's schedule at Geneseo, consider the courses that you are likely to take in a study abroad program in order to avoid duplicate credit. For example, if you take a civilization course in Spain or France after having taken French or Spanish 313 at Geneseo, you will receive 4TR credit for the course taken in Spain or France. Other potential conflicts: phonology/phonetics.

Informational Meeting

Our faculty-led program directors offer informational meetings regarding their programs. For more information, check with the director of the program of your interest.

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