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Lavender Graduation Celebration


What is a Lavender Graduation?

Lavender Graduation events intend to honor graduating seniors that identify as LGBTQ+ and allies for their contributions to the Geneseo community. These programs also recognize the resilience and advocacy demonstrated by LGBTQ+ students in light of unique experiences and potential obstacles within higher education. More information about the history of Lavender Graduation on a national scale can be found using the link below.                                                                                                       

Here you can find the Human Rights Campaign Lavender Graduation webpage.




When is this year's Lavender Graduation Celebration?

The 4th Annual Lavender Graduation Celebration is traditionally hosted in May in the Doty Recital Hall.

When held in person, anyone is welcome to attend the reception; graduating seniors, staff, faculty, friends, and families may RSVP once details have been determined for 2021.



Awards Presented at the Event

In 2019, Geneseo's Lavender Graduation Celebration presented three awards to honor a student, a faculty or staff member, and an alum for their contributions to social justice.  Please click the awards below for further descriptions.  These awards were the following:

Troy Keith Student Leadership Award
Aiden J. Cropsey Faculty/Staff Award
Rainbow Revolutionary Distinguished Alumni Award



Award recipients were selected by the Lavender Graduation Celebration Planning Committee and presented to awardees at the reception. 

Previous award recipients:

Lavender Student Leadership AwardLavender Student Leadership Award

2018  Troy Keith




Troy Keith Student Leadership AwardTroy Keith Student Leadership Award

2019  Vanessa Cepeda
2019  Daniel Kahl
2019  Kevin Vazcones

2020 Julia Eleanor Deacon
2020  Hannah Fahy
2020 Madeline Reichler



Aiden J. Cropsey Faculty/Staff AwardAiden J. Cropsey Faculty/Staff Award

2017  Dr. Jennifer Katz, Dept of Psychology
2018  Daniel Jacques, Dept of Chemistry
2019  Dr. Irene Belyakov-Goodman, 
2020  Brandon West, Library Research Instruction



Rainbow Revolutionary Distinguished Alumni AwardRainbow Revolutionary Distinguished Alumni Award

2017  Ceridwen Troy (2007)
2018  robbie routenberg (2005)
2019  Jennifer Sahrle (2003)
2020  Michael Venturiello (2013)



Feel free to send questions regarding the Lavender Graduation Celebration to the Coordinator, LGBTQ Programs and Services, Charlotte Wade, at