LGBTQ+ Working Group

The LGBTQ+ Working Group

Created in the Fall 2013, the LGBTQ+ Working Group is charged with understanding the ways SUNY Geneseo currently supports LGBTQ+ students and identifying new ways that we can better support this ever-growing population of students. The members of the committee serve voluntarily because this is a subject that is meaningful to each of us. Feel free to reach out to any of the committee members, staff, faculty, and student alike, with any ideas of what we can do to make the LGBTQ+ student experience better here at SUNY Geneseo!

Co-Chairs of the LGBTQ+ Working Group

Dr. Alice Rutkowski (she/her/hers)
Associate Professor, English & Women's and Gender Studies
Welles Hall 230

Charlotte Wade
Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs for LGBTQ+ Life
College Union 348

 Rutkowski and Federici

Meet the Members of the LGBTQ+ Working Group

Dr. Amy Braksmajer
Assistant Professor, Sociology

Dr. Hanna Brant (she/her/hers)
Assistant Professor, Political Science

Dr. Barbara Casavant (she/her/hers)
Lecturer, Chemistry

Daniel Jacques (he/him/his)
Chemistry Stockroom and Safety Manager, Chemistry

Mat Johnson (he/him/his)
Manager of Multimedia

Pamela Kosmowski (she/her)
Alcohol and Other Drug Program Coordinator

Nicholas LaGamba (he/him/his)
Stockroom Technician, Chemistry

Dr. Lee Pierce
Assistant Professor, Communication

Becky Patt  (she/they/theirs) 
Instructional Designer, CIT

Dr. Amanda Roth (she/her/hers)
Assistant Professor, Philosophy

robbie routenberg  (they/them/theirs)
Chief Diversity Officer

Jess Seren (she/her/hers)
Assistant Athletic Director, Athletics

Brandon West
Faculty Librarian