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Linguistics Faculty & Staff

Kirk M. Anne

Assistant Director, Systems & Networking Research Technologist

Office: South Hall 128

Phone: 585-245-5577

Susana Castillo-Rodriguez

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Office: Welles 206 B

Phone: 585-245-6350

Graham Drake

Professor of English

Office: Welles 217A

Phone: 585-245-5266

Jennifer Guzmán

Assistant Professor

Office: Bailey 108

Phone: 585-245-5174

Meredith Harrigan

Professor of Communication

Office: Blake B 120

Phone: 585-245-6331

Matthew Pastizzo

Assoc Prof of Psychology and Department Chair

Office: Bailey 131

Phone: 585-245-5209

Beverly J. Rex-Burley

Administrative Assistant

Office: Bailey 153

Phone: 585-245-5277

Heidi Savage

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Office: Welles 105B

Phone: 585-245-6351