Graduate Diversity Fellowship

The Diversity Fellowship Program offers graduate fellowships to students who have been admitted to graduate or professional study and who will contribute to the diversity of the student body in the graduate or professional program in which enrollment is sought. This program will assist the university in the recruitment, enrollment and retention of students in doctoral and master’s level programs who can demonstrate that they would contribute to the diversity of the student body, especially those who can demonstrate that they have overcome a disadvantage or other impediment to success in higher education. In awarding scholarships, programs may give consideration to students who are of a race or ethnicity that is underrepresented in its graduate and professional programs but may not make awards solely on that basis.   

  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Books
  • Stipend for living expenses

Eligibility and Application Process

To be eligible, applicants must be (1) U.S. citizens or have permanent resident status, and (2) must demonstrate how they will contribute to the diversity of the student body in the program for which they are applying, including by having overcome a disadvantage or other impediment to success in higher education. Economic disadvantage, although not a requirement, may be the basis for eligibility under this category. Membership in a racial/ethnic group that is underrepresented in the graduate or professional program involved may serve as a plus factor in making awards, but may not form the sole basis of such an award and every student applicant shall be evaluated on his or her own merits. Students must remain in good academic standing for continued eligibility for the award. Students enrolled full-time (12 or more credit hours) are eligible for the full $10,000 award. Students enrolled in part-time study are eligible to receive partial funding.

Applicants to a SUNY Geneseo graduate program must submit a separate fellowship application to the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Fellowship and Graduate Studies application deadlines are the same. (Dates vary by program. Refer to the Instructions for Completion of Application for Graduate Admission for specific dates.)

Please address any questions about eligibility to The Office of Multicultural Affairs, 585-245-5620.

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The Diversity Fellowship Program grants up to $10,000 toward tuition and living expenses for students enrolled in the Master's in History, Master's in Accounting, or Master's in Reading and Literacy B-12 Programs. 


Priority for participation in the fellowship program is given in the following order:

Step I: New graduate students who are being recruited but who have not yet accepted admission to a State University graduate program.

Step II: Graduate Opportunity Waiver Program students who can be awarded a stipend to supplement their waiver to tuition.

Step III: Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistants who can receive a supplement to their current stipends to enhance their retention in graduate studies.