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Multicultural Fellows


The Multicultural Fellowship program is an initiative intended to recruit and retain historically underrepresented student populations who have superior academic achievements and financial needs. Through the fellowship, students receive scholarships/grants, students are mentored and encouraged to pursue campus leadership opportunities and establish networks that will help them develop skills for beyond their collegiate careers.

Student Expectations:

As a Multicultural Fellows scholar, students are expected to maintain the following:

  • All Multicultural Fellows are required to reside in on-campus housing. This scholarship is intended to increase on-campus diversity via housing accommodations. If students desire to live off-campus or hold positions that cover housing costs (i.e. becoming a resident assistant), they will not be able to maintain the multicultural fellowship.
  • All Multicultural Fellows must maintain good academic standing. According to the Geneseo’s academic policies, good academic standing is defined as a 2.3 GPA or higher with a minimum of 11 credits each semester (8 credits first semester).
  • All Multicultural Fellows are expected to check-in with the Director of Multicultural Affairs at least twice a semester. Check-ins can be scheduled virtually or in-person, depending on what is established between the director and scholar.
  • All Multicultural Fellows are required to serve as ambassadors through the Admissions Office (200 Doty Hall) to share their experiences as Geneseo scholars while establishing relationships with incoming students.
  • All Multicultural Students are expected to mentor and develop relationships with one another in an effort to cultivate community and academic success.
  • All Multicultural Fellows are expected to attend GOLD Leadership Workshops.


Georgenson Anselme, Senior Asst. Director of Admissions, Doty Hall 200G,

Natalie Weathers, Interim Director of Multicultural Affairs, MacVittie College Union 353C,

Charlotte Wade, Asst. Director of Multicultural Affairs for LGBTQ+ Life, MacVittie College Union 348,