BPS in Musical Theatre

Immerse Yourself in Artistry

When asked, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" — if your answer is "onstage," then you’re in the right place. Our BPS degree — the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Musical Theatre — was created with the motivated, determined performer in mind. This degree combines rigorous musical theatre training, performance opportunities, and professional preparation into an integrated educational experience. Geneseo is the only school in the country offering BPS curriculum in musical theatre, and it is our hope and our mission that this degree serves as an in-depth launching point from which you can start your performance career with preparedness, drive, and joy.

While a strong liberal arts background is a cornerstone of the BPS degree, the majority of the BPS majors’ time will be spent developing their skills in musical theatre. The BPS prioritizes thorough, comprehensive training in all things music, theatre, and dance so our students can achieve the highest possible level of performance as an actor-singer in today’s ever-evolving musical theatre industry.

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Grow with Comprehensive Curriculum

Our BPS in Musical Theatre leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing you with pre-professional learning experiences. By providing you with high-level classes in multiple disciplines, personalized feedback, varying techniques, and engaging repertoire from all historical periods and genres, you’ll be at home on any stage. Your BPS classes will include:

  • Acting
  • Audition Technique
  • Vocal Performance
  • Voice and Speech
  • Dance and Movement (including ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip-hop, partnering, and more)
  • Sight Singing, Aural Comprehension, and Music Theory
  • Piano
  • Musical Theatre History
  • Intro to Theatre Tech
  • and more!

Build Your Future

We know that preparing for a career onstage requires hands-on experiences in performance beyond the classroom. We’re proud to offer many innovative shows and recital opportunities each semester, and we partner with incredible guest artists to offer our BPS students a taste of professional rehearsal processes. BPS students learn the art of honest storytelling and how to effectively collaborate as part of a creative team, as well as developing a working knowledge of technical elements in their backstage experiences.

We also recognize that the bridge between educational atmosphere and professional career is a crucial one. In addition to performing a solo recital in their senior year, BPS students spend their spring break in New York City. Their NYC Immersion experience culminates in a Senior Showcase, providing them with ample opportunities to form connections with agents, managers, casting directors, alumni, and industry professionals in the flourishing musical theatre scene in NYC.

See yourself thriving in our BPS degree?

Explore the detailed curriculum here.

MUSC 139:  Piano I

MUSC 140:  Piano II

MUSC 151:  Voice Lessons/Vocal Coachings

MUSC 160:  Choral Group (4 semesters)

MUSC 182:  Musicianship for Musical Theatre I

MUSC 183:  Musicianship for Musical Theatre II

MUSC 201:  Musical Theatre Dance (rotating subtopics - Tap, Partnering, Hip-Hop, Fosse, Leaps & Turns, among others

MUSC 222:  History of American Musical Theatre

MUSC 251:  Voice Lessons/Vocal Coachings (2 semesters)

MUSC 280:  Musical Theatre Performance I: Foundations

MUSC 351:  Voice Lessons/Vocal Coachings (2 semesters)

MUSC 380:  Musical Theatre Performance II:  Characterization & Scenes

MUSC 381:  Musical Theatre Performance III:  Auditions & Portfolio

MUSC 382:  Musical Theatre Performance IV:  Speech for Singers

MUSC 383:  Musical Theatre Performance V:  Movement for Musical Theatre

MUSC 451:  Voice Lessons/Vocal Coachings (2 semesters)

MUSC 459:  Senior Recital

MUSC 480:  Musical Theatre Performance VI:  Comedy & Styles

MUSC 481:  Musical Theatre Performance VII:  Trends & Entrepreneurship

MUSC 489:  Senior Showcase

MUSC 490:  Senior Showcase for NYC

MUSC Upper Level:  Music History

MUSC Upper Level:  Music Elective

THEA 130:  Intro to Technical Theatre

THEA 140:  Play Analysis

THEA 221:  Acting I

THEA 320:  Acting II

DANC 101:  Ballet I

DANC 102:  Modern Dance I

DANC 103:  Jazz Dance I

DANC 201:  Ballet II

DANC 202:  Modern Dance II

DANC 203:  Jazz Dance II

The BPS in Musical Theatre:

  • prioritizes personal transformation, both within the musical theatre classroom and in other settings
  • offers small class sizes, individualized attention, and personalized feedback
  • is led by a core team of faculty members who are professionals in their respective fields, and are deeply committed to guiding your growth both both artistically and personally
  • requires a solo recital in your senior year of study to share your work with the community
  • allows you to perform in shows and recitals each semester, and encourages collaboration with students in other majors and departments
  • gives you the opportunity to travel to NYC and form connections with industry professionals

Ready for more? Check out our past productions, and learn more about the Senior Showcase and our annual trip to NYC.

The BPS is Your Home Base

Our faculty members are leaders in the industry who value your personal and artistic growth. It is with this mission in mind that we foster transformational experiences in the musical theatre classroom. With a safe space to try, grow, learn, and challenge yourself, you’ll begin to know yourself better as a performer and a person over the course of the BPS curriculum. With this degree program as your steady guide, you’ll strengthen your technique as a singer, actor, dancer, creator, and artist.

We’ve put together a comprehensive, detailed training program that strengthens your skills in every discipline. With the latest information, industry trends, and incredible faculty by your side, your job is simple: bring your full, spirited self to class, and get ready to grow!

This program requires an entrance audition. Learn about how to schedule and prepare for your audition below. We’re excited to hear your story!