Policy Glossary

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Name Description
Education Program or Activity
  • For the purposes of this Title IX Grievance Policy, SUNY Geneseo “education program or activity” includes:
  • Any on-campus premises
  • Any off-campus premises that SUNY Geneseo has substantial control over. This includes buildings or property owned or controlled by a recognized student organization.
  • Activity occurring within computer and internet networks, digital platforms, and computer hardware or software owned or operated by, or used in the operations of SUNY Geneseo’s programs and activities over which SUNY Geneseo has substantial control.

Any faculty member at SUNY Geneseo or staff employed by the College or a College-related Organization and its subcontractors who are issued College identification cards.


A person who is on a state payroll or has an official volunteer appointment at the College at the time of the injury. This includes students (full or part-time) working for the college and temporarily on state payrolls at the time of the accident. This does not include employees of the Research Foundation, Campus Auxiliary Services and/or similar organizations.

Employee Health and Safety Officer

A designated official at the college selected to handle the various phases of the safety program.

Equally Effective Alternative Access

An alternative format or medium that communicates the same information in as timely and effective a fashion as does the original format or medium. For interactive or service pages, equally effective means the end result is accomplished in a comparable time and with comparable effort on the part of the requestor. To provide equally effective alternate access, alternates are not required to produce the identical result or level of achievement for persons with and without disabilities, but must afford persons with disabilities equal opportunity to obtain the same result, to gain the same benefit, or to reach the same level of achievement, in the most integrated setting appropriate to the person’s needs.