Policy Glossary

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Name Description
Marital Status

An individual’s state of being single, married, separated, divorced, or in a partnership with another individual.

Mass Digital Communications

Messages sent, unsolicited, to large segments of the college population using email, text messaging, or voice telephony.

Medical Mask

Reduce the transfer of saliva and respiratory droplets to others and help block blood and other potentially infectious materials from the skin, mouth and nose of the wearer. They have multiple layers of different nonwoven fabric materials, which are fused together. (also known as surgical mask or medical face mask)


A microcredential is a cluster of learning experiences that focus on developing a particular set of skills and include some element of application. Microcredentials provide formal recognition of completion of these experiences and generate a badge. Geneseo-issued microcredentials adhere to SUNY Microcredential Definition and Terms. Through established governance processes, Geneseo approved integrative curricular microcredentials (ICMs) in spring 2020 and has been offering them on an ongoing basis since. ICMs have a curricular foundation (6-12 credits of coursework) and require completion of an applied learning experience with a self-reflective component. ICMs generate a transcript notation and a badge; other types of microcredentials do not generate a transcript notation. At Geneseo, Credly badges for microcredentials will be designed to easily distinguish them from other types of badges.

Military Status

An individual’s participation in the armed forces.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Authentication using two or more different factors to achieve authentication. Factors include: (i) something you know (e.g., password/PIN); (ii) something you have (e.g., cryptographic identification device, token); or (iii) something you are (e.g., biometric). Source: csrc.nist.gov/glossary/term/mfa