Please take the following steps in preparing for advance registration for Fall & Summer 2013:

1) Look on KnightWeb to view your registration status, check for holds that would prevent registration, and view your registration date and time. 


Graduate Students  
Graduate Students:April 9-19Summer & Fall
Graduate Students: April 22 - May 20Summer Only
Undergraduate Students  

December Graduation Applicants: 

April 2-3 Summer & Fall
Seniors (90 or above earned credits): April 2-3 Summer & Fall
Juniors (60-89.9 earned credits): April 4-5 Summer & Fall
Sophomores (30-59.9 earned credits): April 8-9 Summer & Fall
First Year Students (0-29.9 earned credits): April 11-12 Summer & Fall
All Undergraduate Students: April 15-19 Summer & Fall
All Undergraduate Students:April 22 - May 20Summer only

2) If you have mandatory advising, you will have an advisement hold placed on KnightWeb. This will prevent registration only and will not affect other areas of KnightWeb.

a) Students who do have required advisement (first year students, first-semester transfers, students on academic probation, students with a cumulative gpa of 2.30 or lower, or Cummunicative Disorders & Sciences department restrictions) must have their advisement hold removed by their academic advisor.  Please be sure to schedule an appointment with your advisor well in advance of your registration date.

b) Students who do not have required advisement will be able to register as soon as their registration time begins.

Please note that it is strongly recommended that all students consult with their academic advisor.

3) Use the on-line Master Schedule ( to plan your classes. This schedule contains important information relating to class restrictions, linked courses, and to block scheduling that is not available on KnightWeb (


The advisement period begins on March 25th.  Registration for Fall & Summer 2013 classes will start on April 2nd according to the schedule above.

General Permit Forms:

If your instructor signs a General Permit Form (prerequisite override, class override, etc.), we will begin accepting them on March 25th, the first day of advisement.

We will not accept any overload forms until drop/add begins on August 25th, 2013.

Del Brown
College Registrar