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Limelight & Accents

Limelight Event- Cold Weather Company




Upstate Escapes


Sunday, November 20th   1pm Highmark Stadium   




Theatre, Dance and Music Dept.  (Brodie Box Office)

October 21-24 The Waverly Gallery
Author: Kenneth Lonergan
Director: Graduating Senior Jacob Goldberg
7:30 pm, (Sunday 2:00 pm) Robert Sinclair Theatre
Admission: $12  online @   Door Sales Cash Only
October 28-31 The Hatmaker’s Wife
Author: Lauren Yee
Director: Randy Kaplan
7:30 pm (Sunday 2:00 pm), Robert Sinclair Theatre
Admission: $12,    Door Sales Cash Only

November 18-21 Geneseo Dance Ensemble Dances the Diversity of the Liberal Arts:

Journeys Reimagined
Featuring New Choreography by Student Artists:
Abigail Alessi, Madison Harding, Zachary Iannotta, Natalie Knox,
Marissa Torcello, Kelsey Villone and Composition Class
Artistic Director, Curator and Producer: Professor of Dance Studies Jonette Lancos
Recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
Student Assistants: Madison Harding, Jillian Serrano, Marissa Torcello
Produced by Geneseo Dance Ensemble
7:30 PM (Sunday at 2:00 PM) Alice Austin Theatre, William A. Brodie Hall
Admission: $12  ($10 Ticket + $2 Ticket Fees)    Door Sales Cash Only

All dances are mentored by the Dance faculty and choreographed by students of the Dance Studies Program. Senior Madison Harding presents her work, Resplendence, which explores the elegance of classical ballet, and the emotions and feelings cultivated through its performance. Senior Marissa Torcello presents From Within, which revolves around embracing uncertainty and knowing that changes in life are inevitable, but although you may lose something good, you may gain something better. Senior Kelsey Villone presents Interconnection, which represents the progression of life throughout the pandemic with an emphasis on the importance of the people in your life and being connected with them. Senior Natalie Knox presents her work, Perseverance, on the exploration of going through life’s hardest challenges. Senior Zachary Iannotta presents Claquettes, which aims to expose more people to the art of tap and get them to appreciate an art style that has been fading from mainstream popularity. Senior Abigail Alessi presents Miles to Go, which explores her journey with dance, past and present, as well as where she hopes to take dance after Geneseo in the future.

Invited Alumni choreographed works especially for this concert. Samantha Bruno ‘21 created Space Between for her MFA audition. A new piece will be performed by the dance composition class. Elizabeth Allegro, Kaityn Eck, Jillian Johnson, Vizma Leimanis, Samantha Percy, Emma Piwko, Mary Roberts, Katarina Schmidt, and Grace Shannon will present their final projects using the Elements and Principles of Design as exhibited in selected paintings. 

Journeys Reimagined is directed by Professor Jonette Lancos in collaboration with senior student assistants Madison Harding ‘22, Marissa Torcello ‘22, and Jillian Serrano ‘22. Stage managers are Caysie Doughty ‘21 and Lillie Becker ‘22. Theatre faculty Johnnie Ferrell is mentoring student lighting designers Caysie Doughty ‘21, Alec Atkinson ‘22, Tessa Hensler ‘23, 

Jake Rogan ‘22, and Emma Celt ‘22. The costume shop is supervised by Lisa Miskell. 

Journeys Reimagined is supported by generous donations through The Geneseo Foundation from supporters and local businesses.  Please join us for the 54th year of Geneseo Dance Ensemble and the 107th dance concert in an evening of diverse, dynamic original dance works.