Undergraduate Student Senate

What is Student Senate?

Student Senate is a subcommittee of the Student Association focused on enacting resolutions concerning issues of importance to the undergraduate student body. It creates a platform for students to voice concerns relating to the college and strives to educate, advocate, and resolve the needs and issues surrounding students on campus. 

General Assembly meetings are held every Wednesday at 8 PM in the College Union's Hunt Room. All are welcome to attend. 

*Applications for Spring 2024 senators are currently closed.

Executive Committee

SA Vice President & Chair: Charlotte Sutphin, '24

Vice-Chair: Samantha Richer, '27

Secretary: Ashley Ames, '25

Geneseo Community Representative: Corina Tulevech, '25

Public Relations Coordinator: Lexi Savoie, '24

Chair of the Academic Rights and Advancement Committee: Sofia Morano '26

Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee: Lillie O'Donnell, '26

Chair of the Campus and Residence Life Committee: Casey Elvers, '25

Chair of the Student Rights and Affairs Committee: Lauren McCormick, '25


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee: The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is responsible for defending the rights and values of the underrepresented population of SUNY Geneseo. We also address issues concerning the diversity of our campus, the promotion of an inclusive campus community, and accessibility of equitable opportunities for all.

  • Chair: Lillie O'Donnell
  • Amy Merchan
  • Soorena Benham Rad
  • Robbie Silva
  • Sarah Karimi 
  • Grayson Reitz
  • June Bucci
  • Griffin Lyons
  • Solangel Almonte
  • Graeme Lechner

Student Rights and Affairs Committee: The Student Senate Committee on Student Rights and Affairs addresses issues concerning student rights and welfare as well as any non-academic concerns that directly relate to a student’s Geneseo experience. This committee aims to protect the rights of Geneseo students and advocate for their well-being, as well as stand for the equal and fair treatment of students across all components of College operations.

  • Chair: Lauren McCormick 
  • Vice Chair: Lucas Pastwik
  • Gianna Minnuto
  • Colin Henley
  • Samuel Scamardo
  • Jack O'Loughlin
  • Jacob Fields
  • Olympia Frisoni
  • Sarah Fiorentino
  • Owen Burke

Campus and Residence Life Committee: The Campus and Residence Life addresses issues concerning campus and residential buildings as well as overall campus life and operations. This committee aims to improve the Geneseo co-curricular experience, the residential housing experience and has an additional focus on environmental affairs and sustainability efforts.

  • Chair: Casey Elvers
  • Vice Chair: Henry Kemblowski 
  • Jason Tolevski
  • Abby Mincer
  • Pierce Young
  • Sara Mongelli 
  • Audrey Smeaton

Academic Rights and Affairs Committee: The Academic Rights and Affairs Committee addresses issues concerning the academic interests and learning environment of all undergraduate students. We also work to improve Geneseo’s overall educational atmosphere.

  • Chair: Sofia Morano
  • Vice Chair: Sam Canter
  • Drew Varrichio 
  • Gabriel Revelas
  • Ally Wilde
  • Michelle Woods
  • Julia Tufillaro 
  • Marisa Mazzacco
  • Julian Sharp

Current Business

General Assembly

If you are interested in bringing an issue to the Student Senate or if you would like more information regarding current or passed proposals, please contact the senate chair at savp@geneseo.edu