Students’ Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will I be able to find a job on­-campus?

A:  Many student jobs are handled through the work­-study program. To be eligible for the program, you must have filed a FAFSA for the current academic year and show financial need. Students who qualify and accept a work-study award may apply for these jobs. Typical duties include filing, computer work, running errands, answering phones and other office duties. If you have questions regarding the work-study program, contact the Financial Aid office in Erwin 104, (585)245-­5731 or Students who are not work­-study eligible may find employment on-campus as temporary service employees.


Q:  How do I locate a temporary service position?

A:  All Geneseo students are able to log on to Handshake* on­line database to search for open positions. Visit our web site at and click on the Handshake* logo. Not all on-campus offices advertise their positions.  Often, the best opportunities arrive by word of mouth. Keep your ears open for departments looking for student workers. Take a walk around campus and talk to department secretaries to see if any jobs are available. Even if a job is not available, ask to leave a resume (&/or email a thank you note) and ask the staff to keep you in mind if a job becomes available. If you have friends working in positions that interest you, ask them to put in a good word for you.

Q:  What campus departments hire temporary service students?

A:  A variety of departments will hire temporary service students during the course of the school year. Some offices whose needs were not met by work­ study students may advertise for temporary service staff. Speak with the secretary of your academic department. Faculty members hire qualified teaching assistants and research assistants as needed. If there is a specific department you wish to work for, contact the staff directly (in person, if possible) to see if there are any openings for students. If you have a resume, stop by the office and give it to the department secretary.

CAS is the single largest employer of students on-campus. CAS is in charge of all dining facilities and catering services. If you are looking for a job through Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS), you can download an application at­employment, complete the application then deliver the application to CAS Human Resources office, Blake A 104 or CAS business office, Blake A 108 or pick up an application in either of the CAS offices.


Q:  What paperwork will I have to complete to work on­-campus?

A:  In addition to your tax forms that your supervisor will provide, you will need to complete the I­9 form in the Payroll Office, Doty 318. You will need to bring documents to verify your identity. The most common documents used to verify your eligibility are a driver's license, a passport, social security card, or birth certificate (originals only). For other acceptable documents, check with the SUNY Geneseo Human Resources and Payroll Office at (585)­245-­5616 or check online at The I­9 form should not be filled out until you have been assigned to work­-study or have secured a temporary service position.


Q:  How can I locate a job off­-campus?

A:  Student Employment Service maintains an on­line database (Handshake*) of off­-campus jobs within driving distance of the college and summer jobs all over the country. Visit Handshake to view the positions that are currently available off­-campus. Students should apply to off-campus opportunities directly.  The job postings will indicate if the position is within walking distance of the college. Our listings incorporate a wide variety of settings and job functions. Don’t hesitate to also look at job postings listed as internships, as many are paid.

Pick up applications on Main Street. Many of the merchants on Main Street hire SUNY Geneseo students. These are off­-campus positions, but have the convenience of most on-campus jobs. Look for the “help wanted” signs in the store windows, or just stop in and ask for an application. Consider applying for jobs along the RTS Livingston bus route such as in the Wegmans, Walmart, or Goodwill plazas.


Q: How do I get an interview / How can I make myself more marketable?

A: Consider participating in the Geneseo Opportunities for Leadership Development (GOLD) workshops, especially the Emerald Career and Professional Development Certificate program. These workshops have been designed to help students develop and apply lifelong career development skills to the world of work as a student employee or a full-time career professional, or both. Students will learn strategies to navigate workplace issues, develop an awareness of appropriate behavior in professional settings, and prepare for the transition to a career after college. Workshops will provide opportunities to enhance personal and professional skills that are expectations in the workplace which can help prepare students for promotions as well as higher level supervisory positions.

If you need to polish your resume or need help with a well-written cover letter, the Department of Career Development has Career Mentors that are available to help you. You can also make an appointment for a mock interview to practice your interview skills. Stop in during drop-in hours or contact the office to schedule an appointment. 

Good luck with your search! Contact the Student Employment Service Office at or (585)245-­5734 if you need further assistance in your search!  @Geneseo_SES or find us on Facebook.

* SUNY Geneseo Career Development Service shares the Handshake system with the Student Employment Service Office.*