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Geneseo Foundation Annual Report 2022

Thanks to the generosity of donors—alums, faculty, staff, parents, emeriti, and friends—philanthropic giving to the College through the Geneseo Foundation raised more than $5.3 million by fiscal year-end in 2022. Because of your partnership with the College, your support changes students' lives, fosters intellectual and personal growth, and builds skills that lead to successful careers. We are grateful for your commitment to Geneseo.

The Geneseo Foundation 2022 Annual Report is available on the page below and as a printable PDF file

Messages from Foundation Leadership

John Gleason

John A. Gleason ’87
Chair, The Geneseo Foundation, Inc.

Geneseo Foundation logo

Ellen Leverich

Ellen Leverich ’90 
Vice President for College Advancement
Executive Director, The Geneseo Foundation, Inc.

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Dear Alumni and Friends,

Thank you for another amazing year of generous support. Together we raised more than $5.3 million to support Geneseo students and programs. Our individual and collective Geneseo pride drives this remarkable network of generosity and support that has done so much for our beloved campus.

It was a milestone year. The College honored its 150th anniversary, reflecting on its proud history and educational mission. We also marked the Geneseo Foundation’s 50th anniversary. I am grateful for our current and past board of directors—they are some of our most generous alumni, tirelessly giving of their time, talents, and treasures.

Your generosity serves to elevate Geneseo and provides the margin of excellence that differentiates our College within the state. Contributions fuel scholarships, student-faculty research grants, facilities, and much more. 

Thank you for making SUNY Geneseo your philanthropic priority. Your partnership creates an immediate and enduring impact on students.


John A. Gleason ’87
Chair, The Geneseo Foundation, Inc.

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Dear Geneseo Friends:

2022 was an exciting year as the College adopted a bold new vision: “We will cultivate a distinctive, equity-centered, public honors college experience that propels learners to positively impact society.”

The Geneseo Foundation stands proudly behind the College in supporting the achievement of this vision. Together we will seize the opportunity to reimagine the honors college value proposition and work to ensure that the Geneseo experience is accessible to all qualified students.

I am grateful to each and every one of you for the commitment you have made to continuing the proud Geneseo tradition. Last spring, we recognized three donors for their exceptional generosity by honoring them with a plaque on the Donors of Distinction Wall and Garden outside Wadsworth Auditorium. The plaques are symbolic expressions of our deep gratitude and recognize their noteworthy contributions to the College, which individually exceed one million dollars. Those we honored included: 

Kevin Gavagan, Class of 1975, and Nancy Mogab Gavagan, Class of 1976 - Their volunteer leadership and philanthropic support have helped the Geneseo community grow and thrive and will continue to do so in the future. 

The Csapo family and Ambassador Apartments - Frank Csapo has been giving back to the College for more than 30 years. The Csapo family brings the community and the College together through their exceptional support of Geneseo students.

The Jewish Foundation for Education of Women - This organization has awarded more than $1.2 million for scholarships and paid internships to 74 scholars at Geneseo.

Geneseo students achieve remarkable heights through their creativity, dedication, and hard work every day. Thank you for making their achievements possible.

Ellen Leverich ’90
Vice President for College Advancement
Executive Director, The Geneseo Foundation, Inc.

Donor Impact

During 2021-2022, 41% of donors gave for scholarships and access to a Geneseo education.


An Endowed Scholarship Inspired by Friendship

Joseph Carr was looking for a roommate for the second semester of his first year at Geneseo, and by happenstance, Mark Zimmer ’82 needed a room. It was the beginning of a long friendship, one that Carr has valued so much through the years that he has created a $100,000 endowed scholarship named for Mark and his wife, Susan, which will support Geneseo students.

In June, Carr honored his friendship and creation of the endowment with the Zimmers at a surprise presentation during Geneseo’s 2022 Alumni Reunion.

"We were stunned," says Mark Zimmer.

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Carr says he wanted to express their shared values and love for the Geneseo community through the gift. His vision is to create an ongoing connection between Geneseo students and the Zimmer family.

"I saw this as a generational solution, not just a check," says Carr. "That’s why I want Mark to oversee it completely." Carr believes the Zimmers’ children will welcome the chance to be part of the next generation to shepherd their values. "Their children are much like their parents. They believe in hard work, giving back, and being part of a community."

Carr, a vintner, is the founder of award-winning Joseph Carr Wines and Josh Cellars. Zimmer is an executive cardiovascular specialty sales professional with Novartis, a global medicines company. Susan is a nurse who recently retired from SUNY Geneseo after 11 years of service. Mark and Susan have raised three children in Geneseo, all of whom went to college and now have careers in the area.

"We hope the scholarships will help students get started down the path to realizing their dreams," says Zimmer, who wants to meet future recipients. "The size of this endowment is significant, and we want to be good stewards of Joe’s gift to the college."

Carr and Zimmer recall what it was like as undergrads. Carr studied theatre and dance and Zimmer was an English major.

"We were from blue-collar families," says Carr, who remembers Zimmer hitchhiking and catching rides back and forth from his home in Caledonia, 14 miles from campus. "Mark’s determination to finish college was very important to him. I never forgot that."

"We were foosball partners—if we had 25 cents between us," says Zimmer, "we knew we could just go out and have fun."

Carr’s uniqueness has helped him succeed, say the Zimmers.

"Joe has always had the soul of an artist and is extremely talented in many ways," Zimmer says. He attributes Joe’s success in the wine business to the wonderful wine he makes — and the marketing of his products. "He’s got that sort of genius with wordplay and making pictures out of words."

Carr believes you define yourself by how you overcome failure. "I’ve had many more failures in my life than I’ve had successes, but I’ve found a way to overcome that."

"There are four words," Carr says, to remember. "The first two words are courage and conviction, and the second two words are energy and love. After you fail, you have to find the courage and conviction to get up, and the only way you heal is by surrounding yourself with energy and love. If you can find those four words in your life, you’ll be happy. "

(L to R) Kristen Zimmer, Susan Zimmer, Mark Zimmer ’82, Joseph Carr, President Denise Battles, and Kory Zimmer.

Joseph Carr attended SUNY Geneseo from 1978 through 1982 as a fine arts major. In 2019, he received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters for his contributions to the wine industry and his longstanding support of the college. Carr also served as a board member of the Geneseo Foundation (2008–15) and co-chair of the Albany Alumni Regional Committee and established a scholarship in honor of Geneseo’s late English professor John Hoey.

Milestones Along the Way: Notes from Retiring Faculty and Staff

Forty years ago, Geneseo earned its first national college ranking. The School of Business was established, the first president’s recognition dinner to honor donors was held, and the carillon chimed once again. They were among many college milestones in 1982. Four faculty and staff members who are retiring or have retired this year have been part of the many changes Geneseo has undergone. 

Longtime Geneseo members Jeff Gutenberg, Celia Easton, Wes Kennison and Mike Mooney reflect on their careers and the college through the years.

Jeffrey Gutenberg, Associate Professor of Management, School of Business

When Associate Professor of Management Jeffrey Gutenberg joined Geneseo faculty in 1982, the Department of Economics had just transformed into the School of Business. It was an exciting time. He was one of seven new faculty members hired that year and the first professor in the School of Business who held a doctorate in business.

He is proud to have been a part of the college’s growing reputation over the following decades. "It was great fun to see the college become more recognized, appreciated and envied," he says. 

Read the rest of Jeffrey's story

Gutenberg built a reputation for himself as an expert in market research, which he used to help the college, market research firms, businesses and nonprofit organizations advance their missions. Research he conducted for a coalition to combat lead poisoning helped reduce the number of children who contracted lead poisoning in the Rochester community.  

"It was a special niche, and I developed a lot of experience," says Gutenberg. "It was rewarding. It was a good way for me to contribute to the college and the people for whom I did the work."

Gutenberg retired last summer after 40 years at Geneseo.

He experienced many changes during this time. Gutenberg says he has seen the student population become much more diverse, and more students who come from all over New York state and beyond. There are also more international faculty members. He also understands the need for a substantial increase in alumni contributions to weather the turbulence caused by the pandemic and other factors. There’s also great need for continued support of students through internships and employment.

"The value of a Geneseo education is greatly enhanced through such support, and it seems to be increasingly important to prospective students," he says. "We have a large base of such supporters; hopefully, it will continue to grow.

"I had many wonderful experiences being part of the Geneseo community, and especially enjoyed teaching School of Business students to become well-prepared for success in their careers," says Gutenberg. "And, during my time at the college, I think our rise to national prominence helped elevate the public’s perception of a quality SUNY education, and I somehow feel I contributed to that accomplishment."

Jeff Gutenberg

Celia Easton

Celia Easton, Dean of Academic Planning and Professor of English

Celia Easton joined the English department in 1984, hired to teach 18th-century literature. As she reflects on her retirement in January, Easton considers what she has learned through various positions at Geneseo, leading the student experience as a faculty member, as dean of residential living and as dean of academic planning and advising.

"I have worked on ‘both sides of the house,’ but I have never stopped teaching," says Easton. "I continue to work on literary scholarship. Even as an administrator, I have always been part of the faculty."

Read the rest of Celia's story

Easton’s dedication to student learning led to college administration, beginning her work as dean of residential living in 2007. She initiated a change in the culture of student housing that has been extended by many subsequent leaders in residence life, designing living-learning communities like Writers House and Eco House that focus on the "whole student" learning experience, inside and outside of the classroom. There are 14 living-learning communities, which focus on either inquiry and discovery with related courses, exploratory programming in a shared interest, or focus on student success.

In 2016, Easton transitioned back to Academic Affairs as college leadership realized a need for more student resources to support advising, persistence and retention.

As dean of academic planning and advising (DAPA), Easton broadened student-facing services such as academic coaching, choosing majors (also connecting students with the Career Design Center) and support for students whose academic struggles put them at risk for dismissal. A two-weekend "academic boot camp" course taught by DAPA staff emphasizes metacognitive learning strategies, growth mindset, note-taking skills, self-care and other habits imperative to success. The goal in student support is to help students advocate for themselves, take intellectual risks, and express themselves in their own clear and authentic voices, says Easton.

In partnership with Sponsored Research, the academic planning office is excited to support the GPS Guides — Geneseo Points of Support — providing faculty, staff, and alumni mentorship for students who need assistance navigating what is sometimes called the "hidden curriculum" of the college. This program will gain additional support this fall with the hiring of a Student Support Coordinator, a position created by redefining an "academic advising" line. 

"Our students are not the same students we taught 20 years ago. They are bright. They want to change the world. But they have had their high school years rocked by a significant awareness of racial injustice, fears about climate change, and the social isolation of the pandemic," says Easton. "Some students bring support systems with them to college. We are here for those who do not."

From her decades of experience at Geneseo, Easton knows alumni giving is vital to student support and retention. When a student gets financial assistance for undergraduate research, study abroad, or a semester-saving emergency loan, she says, "students" turn into "scholars," not just surviving at Geneseo but thriving.

Wes Kennison, Lecturer of English and Faculty Fellow for International Programs

Geneseo faculty first led students on journeys of learning, self-reflection and global understanding abroad 47 years ago. Such international experiences have transformed students ever since, including Wes Kennison ’79.

In those early years of study abroad at Geneseo, Kennison studied in England and then spent a summer in Italy, helping professors Bill Cook and Ronald Herzman research Dante Alighieri.

Read the rest of Wes's story

"The best discoveries hide in what is surprising and unpredictable," Kennison has said about studying abroad. "Real transformation comes from joyful self-criticism, fleeing comfort zones as if they are on fire."

It’s no surprise that Kennison became a SUNY Geneseo professor himself, leading dozens of academic and service-learning trips to Nicaragua, Haiti, Italy and other countries during his career. He joined the Study Abroad Office as a Faculty Fellow in 2008 and served as its interim director in 2017-2018. While he "mostly" retired last summer, the joy he finds in international learning keeps him teaching. This fall, he’s teaching the "Honors Seminar in Western Civilization and Humanities." implementing new teaching practices in virtual study abroad, using his longtime relationships with partners and citizens in Siena, Italy. It is one of several virtual programs, which allow students to learn, interact and partner with faculty members and other experts and local contacts for a course and a meaningful experience without traveling.

Kennison loves guiding students as they learn to navigate an unfamiliar world, including how to catch a train and communicate in a culture you are not familiar with, in a language you may not speak. "It boosts their intercultural confidence," says Kennison. "These skills help in any situation in life. They learn, ‘I can confidently be in a place that I may not entirely understand and still enjoy myself and grow.’"

Throughout the decades, scholarships provided by gifts made Geneseo have enabled students to have such pivotal experiences all over the world, says Kennison. Philanthropic support will continue to be important as ever, says Kennison, as Geneseo international study options reopen. Last summer, 90 Geneseo students participated in a study abroad course internationally; the first since COVID. He’s looking forward to still being part of it.

"My own experience studying abroad was life-changing," says Kennison. "I have been fortunate in my career to be able to rediscover that every day with the students. Traveling like a tourist is very different than traveling like a scholar, a pilgrim, and an explorer. The former seeks to have expectations fulfilled. The latter learns to embrace the unexpected and find happiness by living in a bigger world. That’s why study abroad matters."


Mike Mooney

Mike Mooney, Director of Athletics

Mike Mooney helped lead Geneseo athletics for 37 years, but it never felt like a job. 

"I grew up as a kid that played every sport," he says. "In college, I chose to be a physical education major and earned my master’s degree in physical education. I never had to leave what I have always loved."

Mooney joined Geneseo in 1985 as the men’s soccer coach. None of the athletic programs were extraordinarily successful at that time; he intended to transform the team in a few years, then move on in his career.

Read the rest of Mike's story

He did lead men’s soccer to a higher level, but he never left.

"People along the way gave me more opportunities and more responsibilities, so it was always new," Mooney says, "but it was really about the people who treated me like family. I was part of something bigger, and we were always evolving."

In addition to coaching, Mooney served as a residence hall director before becoming director of intramurals and recreation. He was steadily promoted, first to athletic facilities manager, then to assistant director of athletics and then associate director. He continued to coach until 2010 — and became the winningest coach in the program, with 262 victories, an Eastern College Athletic Conference championship and two SUNYAC championships.

In 2011, Mooney became director of intercollegiate athletics and recreation. Even leading the department, Mooney was committed to sharing expertise with the student-athletes; he coached tennis from 2019 until he retired last spring.

During his career, Mooney mentored countless student-athletes and coaches, and helped transform the Geneseo athletics into a premiere Division III program, with opportunities beyond competition, including supporting peer mentoring and other programs. 

He frequently attended home — and away — games, driving some vans to games when needed. When a coach couldn’t take student-athletes to Disney, "I went," he says.

"I wanted students to know that someone cared about them and that I took a personal interest," he says. "We always had a family feeling at Geneseo, in and out of athletics."

The Geneseo Foundation Board has supported the department in important ways, says Mooney. The Foundation has helped create an extraordinary experience for student-athletes. Those include academic scholarships earned by student-athletes as well as endowments and gifts made by Foundation Board members themselves. Those generous gifts have renovated locker rooms, softball field dugouts, built state-of-the-art video rooms for teams to review games and techniques, and provided enhancements that would otherwise be impossible in the budget, he says.

"Those who have given have really allowed our student-athletes to continue to flourish," says Mooney. 

Their accomplishments include winning all six SUNYAC Commissioner Cups during the past eight years (two were not offered during COVID). For the past five seasons, the Knights have finished in the top 25 schools in the NCAA Learfield Cup. This is a measurement of the overall athletic program success within the 450 Division III institutions participating, says Mooney, and a larger accomplishment because Geneseo does not have the resources most of the top 25 institutions have.

Mooney retired last spring.

"My time at Geneseo has allowed me to learn from some exceptional individuals and improve my craft. I was very fortunate to be able to take those collaborations as a young professional and later develop those opportunities for others when I was in leadership roles," says Mooney. "I will always remember that Geneseo is family. Working together as a family allows for students to be the receipt of a warm family surrounding, that allows for excellence to be strived for, and most of the time achieved."

New Endowed Funds and Scholarships

We received so many impactful and generous gifts from alumni and friends who are committed to supporting Geneseo students. The following funds were established between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022.

List of new endowed funds and scholarships (July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022)

Robert and Martha Barkman Scholarship Endowment

Michael Barkman ’96 created an endowed scholarship in honor of his parents, Robert and Martha Barkman, to support access to a SUNY education for Geneseo students.

Boger Geological Sciences Endowment Fund

Phillip and Jane Boger, longtime faculty members of SUNY Geneseo, established an endowment to support students and activities that promote growth, camaraderie, and a sense of community in the Department of Geological Sciences at Geneseo.

The Donna Dickinson Breskin ’80 and William Breskin Endowed Scholarship

Donna Breskin ’80 and William Breskin created an endowment for incoming Geneseo students who demonstrate leadership and service to the community, and whom they hope to inspire to support Geneseo as alumni leaders in the future.

Rosalie M. Brown Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Karen Susan Brown established an endowed scholarship in honor of her mother, Rosalie M. Brown, the first in her family to go to college. This endowment will provide financial assistance to incoming or current students at Geneseo.

SUNY Geneseo Student Association IDEAS Endowed Fund

The Student Association IDEAS Endowed Fund provides financial assistance for student-led diversity, equity, and inclusion project initiatives.

The Frank Mandicott Endowment Fund

Dominic A. Friscia ’79 created an endowed scholarship in honor of his friendship with Frank Mandicott ’80 to support Geneseo students in the communications program.

The McCorry Student Impact Endowed Scholarship

Jennifer '96 and Thomas McCorry '97 created an endowment to remove financial barriers for talented incoming Geneseo students.

Joyce Wechsler School of Education Endowed Scholarship

Associate Professor Emerita of Education Joyce Wechsler established an endowment to provide financial assistance for Geneseo students in the School of Education.

Diane M. Wolcott ’75 Incentive Scholarship Endowment

Diane Wolcott '75 created an endowment for competitive incoming Geneseo students who will be majoring in education.

Robert E. ’83 and Elizabeth Murray Endowed Career Exploration Award

Bob ’83 and Elizabeth Murray created an annual award for students to explore career areas of interest through a curricular or co-curricular career exploration experience. The award seeks to encourage students to envision many possibilities for their futures.

Robert E. ’83 and Elizabeth Murray Endowed Scholarship

Bob '83 and Elizabeth Murray established an annual scholarship to support rising juniors in the School of Business.

Rende Family Scholarship Endowment

Kenneth G. Rende, Sr. ’86 and the Rende family established an endowed scholarship to support increased access to higher education for historically disadvantaged students in the School of Business.

Rende Family Co-Curricular Support Endowment

Kenneth G. Rende, Sr. ’86 and the Rende family created an endowment to give student organizations associated with the School of Business funding for specific projects.

Suzie Queen ’77 Memorial Scholarship Endowment for Dance

Steven M. Kreutter ’79 established an endowed scholarship to honor his late wife and college sweetheart Sue Ann (Suzie) Queen Kreutter ’77. This endowment will provide the valuable gift of education in the performing arts and dance that was provided to Suzie while she attended Geneseo.

The Mark D. Zimmer ’82 and Susan Zimmer Family Endowment Fund

Joseph L. Carr, Hon. DHL ’19 established an endowed scholarship in honor of his friendship and regard for Mark D. Zimmer ’82, whom he has known since they were college roommates, and Susan Zimmer. This endowment will provide financial assistance to Geneseo students.

Establish a Geneseo Endowment

Interested in creating an endowment? You can learn more about endowments on our website or get in touch via or 585-245-5518. We'd be happy to tell you more about the steps and options.

Give to Geneseo

There may be no greater gift than access to education. Supporting Geneseo strengthens the College's ability to assist students in financial need, and to provide merit-based scholarships that attract the brightest young minds to our campus. Make a donation.

Emma Harrington

"Thank you for your generosity for making the Humphrey Family Endowed Scholarship possible. I am honored to have been selected for it. I am majoring in accounting with the hopes of becoming a Certified Private Accountant. These funds will help reduce the number of hours I have to work, allowing me to dedicate more time to my studies."

Emma Harrington '24
Accounting major
Humphrey Family Endowed Scholarship

In the Words of Scholarship Recipients

Dylan Walawender

"I am so proud and deeply grateful to have received this award. The scholarship will be of great help to me in paying my educational expenses and allows me to dedicate my time and efforts towards my studies to devote myself to education and teaching. I am studying adolescence education and English with the hope of teaching high school English. I am passionate about literature and its relationship to the world around us, as well as how it can enrich the lives of young people and give them foundational skills to usher them into their future lives. "

Dylan Walawender '24
Adolescence Education major; English minor
Recipient of the Joseph F. Cicero 1962, 1966 M.S. Memorial Scholarship


"I am so incredibly grateful for this award. This scholarship has aided immensely in lightening my financial burden, allowing me to study abroad without worry. This academic year, I am studying abroad in South Korea to grow closer to my goal. With my major and minor, I hope to bring Asian representation within our political systems and make a change. I plan to pursue my career goals diligently while I am here, hoping to honor you and your help as I continue to further my education.

Riddhi Patel '24
Political Science major; Asian Studies minor
Recipient of the Neureiter Family for Global Awareness and Intercultural Understanding Scholarship

Reunion Weekend 2022 Largest Ever


SUNY Geneseo hosted its largest alumni reunion weekend on June 3 and 4, 2022. The College welcomed 1,800 alums and friends back to campus for two days of events. Prior to this year’s event, the largest reunion was in 2015, with just over 1,000 in attendance. Reunion 2022 marked the culmination of the college’s year-long 150th-anniversary celebration. Watch the video recap of the weekend.

This was the first alumni reunion hosted by the College since 2019. As a result, members of the classes of 1970 and 1971 returned to celebrate their 50th anniversaries with the class of 1972. Celebrations also included five-year class anniversaries and milestone anniversaries of Greek organizations, clubs, teams, and departments. 

"Geneseo is a core part of me," says Betty Sintzenich McCollum ’62, who came back with her husband, Jim McCollum, to celebrate. "It’s a magnificent school, and in my heart, I love Geneseo." 

Read more highlights of the weekend on News Center.

In 2022, we recognized several generous and outstanding alumni and friends at our Donors of Distinction and Alumni Weekend events.

Donors of Distinction Recognition

The Geneseo Foundation and SUNY Geneseo recognized three donors for their exceptional generosity and support of the College at Donors of Distinction ceremonies on April 26 and 29, 2022. Plaques were placed on the Donors of Distinction Wall and Garden outside Wadsworth Auditorium and pay tribute to those whose lifetime giving to the College exceeds $1 million.

The Csapo Family and Ambassador Apartments - Frank Csapo is a member of the Geneseo community who has generously given back to the College for more than 30 years in the form of annual scholarships and financial support for a variety of programs and areas. His most recent gift to Geneseo established the Csapo Family Endowment to support student engagement and expand educational programs and experiences. 

Kevin ’75 and Nancy Mogab ’76 Gavagan - The Gavagans have sustained a remarkable history of philanthropic support for the College, including an outstanding commitment to annual giving in many areas for more than 37 years. They established the School of Business Scholarship Endowment for business students and created athletic endowments for the men’s ice hockey, women’s basketball, and men’s basketball programs. The Gavagans created an endowment for the College’s Career Design Center, an endowed faculty incentive award, among others. Kevin spent 20 years on the Geneseo Foundation Board of Directors, serving for many years as board treasurer and as chair during his final term.

The Jewish Foundation for Education (JFEW) - Since 2014, the SUNY Global Affairs Leadership program, established by the JFEW, has awarded $1.2 million in scholarships and paid internships to 74 scholars at Geneseo. FEW’s two-year program provides a comprehensive experience, including a seminar series with leaders and experts who discuss major issues in international relations, paid internships at New York-based global organizations, and a strong career and professional development component, which is infused throughout the program.

Alumni Awards

A highlight of Reunion 2022 was an awards presentation during the Signature Lunch on Saturday, June 4. Michele Miller Krause ’89, chair of the SUNY Geneseo Alumni Association (SGAA) Committee on Recognition, and Geneseo President Denise Battles, presented several SGAA awards, including:

Colleen McNamara ’10 received the Outstanding Young Alum Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement in a chosen profession or field, or service to the College or community. McNamara teaches fifth grade at North Tonawanda Intermediate School. In 2013, she also founded Stutelage Innovations for delivering tutoring services from certified teachers to students of all ages. 

Gidget Meyers Hopf ’72, a member of Geneseo’s College Council, received the Professional Achievement Award for achieving distinction in a chosen profession. Hopf has helped thousands of underserved individuals improve their lives and have access to opportunities for fulfilling and productive careers. From 1986 to 2020, she was president and CEO of the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired and spearheaded the effort to expand the organization to serve other oppressed groups by founding Goodwill of the Finger Lakes, merging the missions of each organization into one, shaping the organization into one of the community’s most robust, self-sustaining not-for-profits.

Eddie Lee ’76, a member of the Geneseo Foundation Board of Directors, received the Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes an individual who has made exceptional contributions to the alumni association. In 2007, Lee joined the Geneseo Alumni Association board and was president from 2011 until its transition into the SGAA in 2015. He currently serves as a trustee on the Geneseo Village Board and is a board member of Livingston CARES. In 2017, Lee established the Eddie Lee Class of 1976 Ambassadorship for First-Generation Students through the Center for Integrated Learning at SUNY Geneseo. 

Jim and Arlene Somerville received the Honorary Membership Award, which is given to a non-alumnus who has made outstanding contributions to the SGAA. Jim was associate professor of history at the College for 30 years until he retired in 1997. Arleen retired from the University of Rochester in 1999 as director of the Science and Engineering Libraries and as the chemistry librarian. They established the James and Arleen Somerville First Generation Scholarship Endowment and the James K. and Arlene N. Somerville Endowed Scholarship for sophomore chemistry and history majors.