Jordan Daniel ’11 Helps Geneseo Students Explore the World

Jordan Daniel in India
Jordan Daniel '11 visiting the Taj Mahal in India (photo provided).
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Creates Study Abroad Scholarship Endowment for Next Generations

Jordan Daniel ’11 couldn’t think of a place that was more impactful on his life than his experience at Geneseo. “I have a really deep bond with Geneseo and it's essentially what morphed me into who I am today,” says Jordan, who earned a bachelor's degree in business administration with a minor in Spanish. 

In 2021, Jordan created an endowment to provide study abroad scholarships for students—an impressive accomplishment for a young alum who had graduated only 10 years earlier. The gift was inspired by and named for his late aunt and uncle—the Jacqueline Levine and John Borek Endowment for Study Abroad Education. “They were big proponents of not only traveling as a student but also as lifelong explorers,” he says.

When Jordan was in high school, he took a trip to Italy with the two of them. It was his first international experience, and it kindled a passion for looking beyond his own neighborhood. 

As a student at Geneseo, Jordan immersed himself in Spanish culture during a semester at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid, Spain. 

“Having this experience and being exposed to other cultures was one of the most important and useful things that I ever did,” says Jordan.  

Jordan wants this scholarship to help students with program costs so they can make the most of their time while abroad. He recalls not having enough money to take advantage of more cultural experiences, including inter-country or inter-city travel.

“I was in a fellow student’s shoes not that long ago,” says Jordan, who paid his way through school and knows how financially difficult college years can be. “If this (scholarship) encourages a student to take advantage of a study abroad experience, especially for someone who may be on the fence, I feel a strong sense of pride to be able to help and give back,” he says. 

Jordan’s experience in Madrid encouraged him to continue to practice and improve his Spanish. “I wouldn’t say I’m fluent, but I’m pretty good and love the language and the culture,” he says. Today, it comes in handy working with many Spanish-speaking clients in his position at Eber Giffuni PLLC, a New York City-based law firm that specializes in residential and commercial real estate purchases, sales, and leasing.

Jordan Daniel in Dubai.

“These experiences have developed who I am and what I have learned,” says Jordan. He continues to work and travel abroad for his own pleasure, and most recently came back from visiting the Middle East.

Jordan believes his aunt and uncle would be pleased to have their names on the endowment. “They would really be thrilled to know that students have support so they can challenge themselves and be able to see the world,” he says. “And in that way, their spirit and memory live on.”

Jordan is currently working with the College to create two additional endowments to benefit Geneseo students.

(Inset photo of Jordan in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; photo provided)