Learning Clusters

Learning Cluster Overview

The TLC invites you to join a Professional Development Learning Cluster for Spring Semester, 2023. By identifying a Learning Cluster topic that’s meaningful to you, you’ll be able to build community and tailor a personalized professional development experience.  

Spring Semester Learning Clusters will include: 

Pedagogical Approaches & Classroom Management

Content in this Cluster is still in development, but will likely include: 

  • Inclusive Course Design prior to Spring semester start
  • Contrapower harassment / disruptive student behavior
  • Crafting in the Classroom -- Hinda Mandell, RIT, guest speaker
  • Geneseo Global Studies Portable Course Module
  • and more
Integrative and Applied Learning & Undergraduate Research

Content in this Cluster is still in development, but will likely include: 

  • Integrative Learning activities in the classroom
  • Integrative Learning as course design
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in Integrative Learning
  • Integrative Learning in 100-level courses
  • and more
Transitions in Technology

Content in this Cluster is still in development, but will likely include: 

  • the Navigate Student App
  • opportunities in partnership with CIT regarding the transition to BrightSpace and Teams
  • opportunities in partnership with the Registrar's Office and DAPA regarding DegreeWorks and Navigate
  • and more
Supporting our Professional Writing, Research, Publications, and Presentations

Content in this Cluster is still in development, but will likely include: 

  • opportunities in partnership with Milne Library Publishing
  • opportunities in partnership with Sponsored Research
  • opportunities through the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity's Publishing Pipeline
  • and more
Mental Health, Wellness, and Addressing Our Burnout

Content in this Cluster is still in development, but will likely include: 

  • opportunities in partnership with Counseling Services
  • models from current faculty 
  • and more

Interested in joining a Learning Cluster? You can opt in at any point in the semester by contacting Alexis Clifton (clifton@geneseo.edu). 


Join a Learning Cluster with the goal of participating in at least 2 TLC events in that cluster over the semester. This will help

  • Deepen your professional skill set in a chosen area
  • Grow your campus community of faculty and staff interested in the same areas as yourself
  • Identify opportunities for professional collaboration and mentoring 

How It Works

After you sign up for a Learning Cluster (LC) of your choice, you will provide input to the TLC about your preferences. You will complete one survey on

  • the offerings and activities within your chosen LC
  • the delivery format for your chosen LC events (in-person, virtual, or a combination)
  • the scheduling of sessions within your chosen LC. Timing will be informed by your schedule

Once the schedule for your Learning Cluster activities is developed by the TLC, you will receive

  • automatic Google calendar invitations to events in your LC with pertinent details (you can always decline or opt out)
  • a brief monthly message with resources related to your LC
  • and complete absolution of guilt for not attending any other TLC event for the semester

Register before the start of Spring '23 & get a special bonus prize for signing up! 

This option is now closed, but look for additional opportunities in future semesters. 

row of books arranged with the top bindings facing the viewer.

Every TLC event is open to any faculty or staff member to attend, always. You do not have to be a member of a Learning Cluster to attend an event associated with a Cluster. 

Do you have questions about Learning Clusters, or want to add a suggestion? Please contact Alexis Clifton, interim Director of the TLC, at clifton@geneseo.edu, to share.  

Learning Cluster FAQ

Who can join a Learning Cluster?

Any Geneseo faculty, librarian, or staff member, full- or part-time, is eligible to join a Learning Cluster.

This is great! How many Learning Clusters can I join?

Since the goal is to align events in a Cluster to every participant's schedule, we'll ask that you only join one Learning Cluster this semester. You are still welcome to attend any event that interests you, throughout the semester, across any of the Learning Clusters. 

Do I have to join a Learning Cluster to attend TLC functions?

No! You're always welcome at any event that interests you. 

What happens if I can't actually attend 2 events in my Learning Cluster?

We all recognize that schedules change, and last-minute things always come up. By joining a Learning Cluster, you're primarily setting an intention to try to attend 2 events. If that doesn't actually happen, that's okay. 

I missed joining a Learning Cluster early on, but I'm interested in it now that the semester is underway. Is it too late?

Not at all! Please message Alexis Clifton at clifton@geneseo.edu to express interest in joining a Learning Cluster, anytime during the semester.