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Housing for New Students - Fall 2021

Securing on-campus housing as a freshman or transfer student is a straightforward process that's done mostly online. Remember SUNY Geneseo has a two-year residency requirement. All students must live on campus in College housing for two academic years unless they are commuting from the home of their legal guardian.
If you're a returning student, please visit the returning student housing page.

Room Rates 2020-2021*

  • Superior Single: $4,760.00
  • Standard Double: $4,311.00 
  • Townhouse: $4,869.00 

*There is typically a 3% increase to room rates between years. While our official rates have not been released for 2021-2022, we have the current rates below to give you an idea of cost.

Fall 2021 Information

  • Housing deposits are due May 1 -- but we will accept deposits after this date
  • Housing applications (also called - New Student Roommate Preference Form) are due July 1.
    • If you are considering applying to an Inquiry & Discovery LLC (Umoja House, Entre House, Eco House, Tesla House) we ask that you have your application submitted by June 1. This is because the curricular component of the LLC will need to be built into your course schedule.
    • IMPORTANT: The $300.00 deposit you paid after deciding to come to Geneseo covers your housing deposit!  $150.00 goes toward tuition and $150.00 toward housing costs.
    • NOTE: Deposits and applications will be accepted after these dates
  • Housing applications (released April 1) are made available 24 - 72 hours after a deposit is made - it is not immediate. An email with information about the housing application (New Student Roommate Preference Form) will be sent to your Geneseo email address. 
    • Housing for all residents is managed through software called Symplicity.  
    • Symplicity is accessed by visiting You log in with the same username and password as your Geneseo email account. 
    • Information about you, your preferences, potential roommates, and important policy information is available through Symplicity.
  • Communication is sent to your Geneseo email address. Be sure to check it regularly.
  • Housing assignment notifications will be sent out on August 1 for applications submitted prior to that date. 

Move-in Day

Nassau Suite

1. View the options

Check out the Residence Halls and Living-Learning Communities page to learn about Geneseo's on-campus housing.

2. Pay the housing deposit

NEW STUDENTS have already paid the housing deposit when they accepted Geneseo!

If you have not paid your housing deposit, you will not have access to a 2021-2022 Housing Application on your Symplicity homepage.  

3. Complete the application

Within 1-3 business days of paying your housing deposit, your Roommate Preference Form (RPF) will be available to you in the Symplicity residence software. Log into Symplicity using your Geneseo username and password and you will see a blue box that reads "Get Started" with your housing application.

You will also be asked to indicate whether or not you qualify for medical housing accommodations. If you feel that you warrant special housing consideration due to a medical condition, you must contact Dr. Amy Fisk (, Assistant Dean for Accessibility Services, by the RLAF deadline, July 1. Please visit the Office of Accessibility Services webpage to learn more about the housing accommodation process. 

4. Tell us your roommate preference/Form a roommate group (optional)

If you want to live with a friend in a corridor-style room, or with multiple friends in a suite, you will need to form a roommate group in the Symplicity Residence software. This step is optional. New students are assigned to residence halls according to deposit dates (first come, first served), so unfortunately we can't guarantee placement in your preferred housing or with your preferred roommate. For visual instructions, you can view the Roommate Preference Form instructions. 

  1. After you access your Symplicity Residence account, navigate to the "Roommate" tab on the top menu.
  2. You will then be asked to "Choose a Term". Select the term for which you are selecting your housing (i.e. Fall 2019).
  3. Click on the "Find Someone You Know" tab.
  4. You will see a box labeled "Enter a Roommate Code". In the event that you are forming your roommate group on behalf of your friends, you will need to ask each of your friends for their passcodes. All students can find their passcodes in the upper-right corner of the Symplicity Residence home screen. As long as you type your friend's passcode in the "Roommates:" field correctly, their name should appear in the larger text box below the magnifying glass. By clicking on the highlighted name, you can add your friend to the group. If you plan to live in a suite or townhouse with multiple friends, you can just repeat the process of typing passcodes in the "Roommates:" field until all of your friends are included in the group.
  5. When you finish, click the "Save" button. (Note: It is not necessary to type your own passcode in the "Roommates:" field -- you will be added to the group automatically.)
  6. If you can view all of your friends' names in the text box below the magnifying glass, your group was created successfully.

Things to Note About Groups

  • If you type a passcode incorrectly, or if you try to type a name in the "roommates" field instead, a small triangle with an exclamation point will appear, and nothing will happen.
  • All members of a roommate group must have paid housing deposits and completed their Residential License Agreement Form (RLAF). In the event that your friend's RLAF is not completed, or saved in draft format, their name will not appear in the text box, even if you typed their passcode correctly.
  • The Symplicity Residence software should allow the formation of mixed-gender groups.

Group Size Restrictions

If you and your friends wish to live in a suite or a townhouse the size of your roommate group must match the size of your desired suite. If you want to try to choose an 8-person suite, for instance, your roommate group must include exactly 8 students. Forming a partial group and then allowing Student Life to place a "random" student in your suite later is not an option -- you must fill your suite completely. (Exception: If a member of your group is already approved for medical single accommodations through the Office of Accessibility Services, your group should include 1 less student than the number of spaces in your desired suite.)

The sizes of suites which are available for Housing Selection and the residence halls which feature each size of suite are outlined in the table below.

Suite/Townhouse Size Residence Halls
4-person Nassau Hall, Saratoga Terrace, Putnam Hall (All-Gender Community Only), Seneca Hall (Writers House Acceptance Only)
5-person Nassau Hall, Saratoga Terrace
6-person Allegany, Erie, Genesee, Monroe, Ontario, Wyoming, and Nassau Halls
8-person Allegany, Erie, Genesee, Ontario, and Wyoming Halls

Housing Resources and Links

  • Campus Map: Has all of our residence halls and academic buildings. You can report directly to your residence hall when you arrive!
  • Orientation: Orientation and New Student Programs.
  • Residence Halls & Living-Learning Communities: Housing options at Geneseo.
  • Symplicity: Geneseo's Symplicity housing software, where you can complete your housing application.
  • Tesla House: Our new science-education based Living-Learning Community for first-year students.
  • What to Bring: What to bring, what to leave home, and room and furniture dimensions.
  • Weeks of Welcome (Fall Only): The first few weeks of the fall semester are filled with events and activities just for new students.