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Meet the Staff

Animated WGSU LogoWGSU is staffed by SUNY Geneseo students under the supervision of the WGSU faculty director in the Department of Communication, Academic Affairs Division. For general station contact information, go to Contact WGSU, or Send Email to WGSU.


Student Executive Council –

Marketing Director

Ben MichalakBen Michalak ’21 (English)
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Fun Fact: “I moonlight as the drummer for Welsh Commons, a Baltimore-area emo/math rock band.”



New-Media Director

Aaron RoddyAaron Roddy ’21 (Communication/Philosophy)
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Fun Fact: “I am a professional wrestler.”



News and Public Affairs Director

Sarah DeVitoSarah DeVito ’23 (Communication)
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Fun Fact: “I like to play piano and do art in my free time!”



“Geneseo Today” Producer/Host

Rocio RuizRocio Ruiz ’23 (Communication)
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Fun Fact: “I love impersonating celebrities and artists!”




Sports Director

Ian RiegerIan Rieger ’21 (Communication)
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Fun Fact: “I met rapper Ice-T in a New Jersey rest stop; and I can name every NBA Finals winner and runner-up since 1961 … from memory!”



Assistant News Director

Aiden BudinskiAiden Budinski ’21
(Communication/Political Science)
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Fun Fact: “I studied abroad in the Czech Republic!”



Additional Staff

Student Meteorologist

Jenna SypossJenna Syposs ’21 (Geophysics)
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Fun Fact: “I’m from Orchard Park, N.Y. (home of the Bills) … but I have never been to a Bills game!”



Note: Some Executive Council and staff photos by Aaron Roddy ’20 and Rebecca Sisson ’19.

Faculty Director

Michael SaffranMichael Saffran ’85 (Communication)
Faculty Web Page
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Fun Fact: “I still own the first used car I ever bought (while in high school) — a 1973 MG Midget convertible. It comes out only on sunny days (and most often can be found resting comfortably in my garage).”
(Photo by A. Sue Weisler)

WGSU Station Mascot

GennyGenevieve Suzanne (“Genny”) Upton ’17
Genny’s Web Page
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Fun Facts: “I’m an Eastern gray squirrel, my initials match WGSU’s call sign and I might be the only gray-and-white girl squirrel radio-station mascot (wearing a pink pony tail) in the world!”
(Photo by Ben Gajewski ’07)