How to Become an All-Star Alum

Emmeline Bear

To do TODAY!

Create a non-Geneseo email address.
  • Your student email address will expire six months after graduation. Visit CIT's web page "Support for Outgoing Students" to learn more and for tips to forward messages and copy content or download account information to a new account.
  • Be sure to use this new email address on your resume, job and graduate school applications.
Complete the Recent Graduate / New Alumni Data Collection Form.
  • The Recent Graduate / New Alumni Data Collection Form collects your new (non-student) email address, mailing address and student affinity* information.
  • The invitations you receive to regional and affinity* events are determined by the information we have on file for you.
  • Graduates from other class years should update their information using this form:

* Student affinities = the student clubs, activities, groups, organizations and/or teams in which you were a member.

Join the Geneseo Career Advisor Network.
  • The Geneseo Career Advisor Network a free platform that connects alumni with current students and other alumni for one-on-one conversations about careers, job search, networking and more.
  • Get advice, coaching, and prep from alumni who have been there.
  • At every step of your journey, SUNY Geneseo Alumni Mentors will be there for you!
    • Career Advice -- Take the hassle out of networking and talk directly to an expert in the field.
    • Resume Critiques -- Get advice on your resume and/or cover letter.
    • Mock Interviews -- Practice for your big interview with insiders who can advise you how to land the job.
Follow the Commencement home page for important Commencement information.

Make a Senior class gift.

You have the power to improve the future of Geneseo and you can start today! Give back to the programs that mean the most to you.

  • All seniors who donate will be entered to win a large variety of raffle prizes.
  • Seniors who donate $10 or more will receive a philanthropy honor cord.
Submit photos to SUNY Geneseo's e-yearbook.

Remember those awesome yearbooks you had in high school full of pictures and memories? We have one at Geneseo, too! The Undergraduate Alumni Association (UAA) continuously collects photographs to add to our online collection. Commemorate your time at Geneseo and be part of history by submitting your pictures to SUNY Geneseo's e-yearbook.

If you are not able to attend Commencement in May, please use this form to request a diploma cover. 
Expect 2-4 weeks for delivery. Requests received between May 1 - Jun 30 will be mailed after July 1.

To do in the FUTURE!

Attend events in your region to network and socialize with other successful Geneseo alumni!
Become an active member in the SUNY Geneseo Alumni Association (SGAA).
  • Learn more about the SGAA.
  • Help with affinity, young alumni and/or regional programming.
Engage with your affinity alumni chapter and/or our new alumni identity-based affinity chapters.
  • The Alumni Chapters website will outline which chapters are already active or how to go out about starting an alumni affinity chapter if one doesn't already exist.
  • Alumni identity-based affinity chapters** include: 
    • Alumni of Color
    • Jewish Alumni Affinity Chapter
    • LGBTQ+ Alum Affinity Chapter

* Standard affinity = the student clubs, activities, groups, organizations and/or teams in which you were a member.
**Alumni identity-based affinity chapters don't require any particular or specific student involvement or membership.

Find fellow alumni who share your interest, career field, and more on LinkedIn.
Follow Geneseo Alumni on Facebook and Instagram

Follow the Geneseo Alumni Facebook page and @geneseoalums on Instagram to learn about alumni events and programs, engage in nostalgic posts, and connect with your fellow alums.

Connect with the Office of Alumni Relations!
Support Geneseo with an annual gift.
  • Your gift every year of any amount makes a difference for Geneseo.
  • Alumni who make a consistent annual gift for a minimum of five years are considered members of the Loyal Knights Society. Start earning your membership right away!
  • Make your annual gift today!
Participate in lifelong learning opportunities.

Virtual lifelong learning opportunities include Alumni Book Club, Alumni Learning Consortium, and in-person Alumni Achieve Series events. Follow Geneseo Alumni on Facebook and/or Instagram for timely reminders lifelong learning opportunities and programs.

Explore Career Development services and programs available to alumni.

Mark your calendars - annual alumni programs.
  • Geneseo's Great Give Back | April
    Geneseo’s annual day of giving! Be a part of this incredible day by paying it forward and creating opportunities for
    SUNY Geneseo students. Learn more:
  • Reunion | first full-weekend in June
    Come back to Geneseo to celebrate your first reunion, an affinity chapter anniversary or your 5-year milestone reunion.
    • Reunion 2024 -- June 7-8, 2024
    • Reunion 2025 -- June 6-7, 2025
    • Reunion 2026 -- June 5-6, 2026
    • Reunion 2027 -- June 4-5, 2027
    • Reunion 2028 -- June 2-3, 2028
    • Reunion 2029 -- June 1-2, 2029
    • Reunion 2030 -- June 7-8, 2030

Most important (now and forever), update your email and mailing address as often as it changes!

  • The invitations you receive to regional alumni events are determined by your mailing address. Nearly 100% of alumni news and invitations are now sent by email in an effort to increase sustainability and decrease cost.