Chemistry Professor Highlighted for Innovative and Impactful Practices

Chemistry professor Kazushige Yokoyama with Raman imaging system
Chemistry News

Congratulations to Geneseo Professor of Chemistry Dr. Kazu Yokoyama, who was featured in a publication by the American Chemical Society highlighting innovative and impactful practice in physical chemistry at undergraduate institutions.

Dr. Yokoyama's article, Investigation of Protein-Protein Interactions Utilizing a Nano-Gold Colloid Surface Plasmon Resonance: Application to SARS CoV-2 Spike Protein Coated Gold Colloids, highlights work he's doing related to molecular mechanisms of cellular infection in COVID-related viruses--much of it prominently involving Geneseo undergraduates. The research utilizes a 3D Raman Imaging Microscope, cutting edge instrumentation that was recently obtained by Dr. Yokoyama as part of the National Science Foundation grant. The work was published in the American Chemical Society Collection 'Physical Chemistry Research at Undergraduate Institutions: Innovative and Impactful Approaches' highlighting many national leader in undergraduate  STEM research.

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