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Geneseo Chemistry and Employment

Student Using a Buret

Geneseo Chemistry and Biochemistry students learn relevant hands-on skills with modern instrumentation, cutting edge content knowledge, and the team work and communication skills necessary for a successful 21st century career.

Many graduates work in a laboratory settings across New York and the entire United States. These companies span a large range of industries, from pharmaceuticals and custom chemicals, to food science and cosmetics. In addition to chemistry-related industries, Geneseo Chemistry and Biochemistry graduates also leverage their critical thinking skills to obtain employment in a wide variety of other professions, including legal, finance, and education. A partial list of chemistry-related companies at which recent graduates have obtained positions is below.

Industry Employers of Recent Chem & Biochem Alumni

Acceleron Pharma
Acutis Diagnostics
Albany Molecular Research
BAE Systems
Bausch & Lomb
Boston Analytical
Bristol, Meyers, Squibb
Dow Chemical
InvaGen Pharmaceuticals
Merck Pharmaceuticals
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Xerox Corp

Quick Facts:

  • According to the American Chemical Society Salary Calculator, the median starting salary (zero years experience) for an individual working full-time in a mid-sized chemistry-related company in the mid-Atlantic region (which includes New York) is $41,000-$61,000. (note - the calculator is only available to members of the American Chemical Society).
  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that chemists will experience faster than average job growth (5% annually), with a median 2020 annual wage of $79,000.
  • According to the American Chemical Society, approximately 90% of graduates with baccalaureate degrees find jobs commensurate with their education/training within one year of graduation.