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Analytical Chemistry


James Boiani

Associate Professor of


ISC 327F
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

James Boiani has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 1985.

Faculty Information


  • SB M. I. T.
  • PhD (Chemistry) University of Chicago
Spring 2015 Classes

CHEM 118:
Chemistry II

    A continuation of CHEM 116. Topics to be covered include thermodynamics and reaction spontaneity, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, properties of acids and bases, aqueous solution equilibria, e
    lectrochemistry, molecular structure and bonding theories, transition metals and their coordination compounds, and chemical properties of selected elements. Prerequisites: CHEM 116. Co-requisite: CHEM 119. Offered every spring
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CHEM 119:
N/Introductory Chemistry Lab

    An introduction to the experimental techniques and methodology used to explore matter and chemical reactivity. Experiments include the synthesis and characterization of a compound, identification of
    unknown substances, an exploration of the gas laws, volumetric and gravimetric analysis, structure and bonding, and acid/base chemistry. Prerequisites: or Co-requisite: CHEM 116 or CHEM 203. Offered every fall and spring
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CHEM 352:
Chemistry Senior Seminar

    A seminar course designed to give students advanced scientific writing experience while preparing and formally presenting a scientific paper and demonstrating basic chemical knowledge. Prerequisites:
    CHEM 351 or senior status in Adolescence Certification (7-12) in Chemistry and General Science program. Offered every spring.
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