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Waste Management Program

*This page is under construction*

This site offers hazardous waste management information for the SUNY Geneseo Chemistry Department, including campus and departmental SOPs, online submission form(s), and links to associated State and Federal Environmental  Regulations.

The online waste submission forms allow for trained personnel to submit hazardous waste documentation.  

DO NOT USE THIS/THESE FORM(S) OR ATTEMPT TO MANAGE HAZARDOUS WASTE UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN FORMALLY TRAINED AND HAVE DOCUMENTED ANNUAL TRAINING* IN SUNY GENESEO CHEMISTRY RECORDS.  Current Training Records are kept in ISC 329.  Trainings for the Chemistry Department occur within the first three weeks of every academic semester.  Students who do not sign up for training within the posted training window may be denied access to the course or program.  Please see your lead professor if you have any questions.  If you need to sign up for a training, click here or the button below.

*Geneseo EHS reserves the right to require additional and/or more frequent training for personnel/students if conditions warrant. 


It is the user's responsibility to use the correct forms and enter appropriate data for chemical container submission to EHS for pickup.  Improperly completed and/or submitted containers will not be picked up by EHS.  For more information, refer to your training or review the appropriate SOPs found in the Online Waste Submission Forms link.  The descriptions found within provide detailed information about associated forms and will assist the user for the request for removal of the following:

Mixed Hazardous Chemical Waste and Unwanted Individual Chemicals


For instructions about proper procedures for the removal the waste categories listed below, please click the embedded links in the list:

  1. Batteries, non-recyclable and recyclable 
  2. Sharps and Regulated Medical Waste


For information about how to dispose of waste not listed above, please contact EHS directly.  Contact information listed below.

Contact Information

Darlene Necaster
Environmental Health and Safety Officer
121 Clark
Phone: (585) 245-5812

Chemistry Stockroom
Daniel Jacques
Instructional Support Specialist, SL4
ISC 329
Phone: (585) 245-5318

 p-chem image