What We Do

The CIL creates and sustains collaborations that combine academic curriculum, the co-curriculum, and local/global communities. We support the design and development of transformative educational experiences for students, faculty and the broader community through five core areas:

Curricular Innovation
Professional Development
Strategic Community Engagement
Cross-divisional Collaboration
Communication and Information Sharing

How We Partner

The CIL team supports the campus and external community by serving as a central clearinghouse for information about integrative learning opportunities on campus, in the local community and internationally. We can help you identify strategic partners and on and off-campus resources to get your project launched. 

Faculty and Staff

We can help you devise ways to structure existing curriculum or build new projects (class activities, courses, microcredentials, etc.) that allow students to bring knowledge together across disciplines and understand the value of such synthesis.


We can help you find ways to craft individualized study majors and connect the learning happening in your academic courses with co-curricular, professional and community-based learning. 

Community Partners

We’re here to listen and help you connect with resources within the college including students, research and faculty expertise. We are also here to help co-design new teaching and learning ventures that support regional development priorities and maximize student learning outcomes.

Engage With Us

Ready to engage? Connect with our team!