Recommended Computer Hardware

CIT provides the following recommendations for your computer purchases. Please review this information and contact the CIT HelpDesk (x5588, if you have any questions or are uncertain of the specifications of a system.

Supported Vendors

CIT recommends Apple and Dell for computers. Hewlett Packard (HP) and Toshiba are recommended for printers. CIT has state contract pricing and relationships in place with these vendors to provide repair services. Purchasing hardware from these vendors enables CIT to provide prompt support and potential downtime.

All computer purchases must be submitted on a purchase requisition to purchasing.

CIT must be contacted prior to submitting a computer purchase request. CIT is unable to provide support for computers manufactured by vendors other than Apple, Dell, or HP.

Printer Recommendations

All purchases of print output devices, and related supplies, are standardized according to the College's contract for printing equipment and print management services. For more information, review the College's Print Optimization Policy or contact your Technology Support Professional (TSP).


This information is for college owned equipment only.

Related Cost

For a quote or estimate of cost please submit a hardware request.

Report Problems

For questions about recommended hardware or other computer related problems, contact the CIT HelpDesk. You can reach out to the HelpDesk by calling 585-245-5588, by visiting the HelpDesk in Milne Library, or through our online Service Desk.

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