Social Media Guide

The Office of College Communications and Marketing maintains the college's official social media presence. Individual departments are welcome to create their own social media accounts, but please remember that the content you post represents the college as a whole. If you are planning to use one or more social media platforms, or have any questions about using social media, please contact the Director of Digital Communications.

Questions to Consider

Do we need a social media presence?

A successful social media presence features new, useful and interesting content on a regular basis. For a blog, this could mean posting once a week; for Facebook, once a day; for Twitter, once every few hours.

How does social media tie into your other communication efforts?

Think of social media as one tool in your communication toolbox. If you're sending out email, mailing newsletters, putting up posters, etc. to reach out to your audience, about how social media will compliment and coordinate with your other efforts.

What goals are we trying to achieve?

How will creating a social media presence help your department/organization reach its goals? Are you using the page to reach out to new constituents? To communicate with your current audience? To post updated information about your hours, programs, etc.? Defining the mission and purpose of your presence will enable you to craft and adhere to consistent message and purpose - across all your communications channels.

Who will monitor our presence?

Make sure to define a social media manager before starting your social media presence. This person is responsible for routinely posting engaging content and monitoring the account for comments, questions and spam messages.

Account Creation and Management


When you create a new social media account for your department, office, or group, it's important to do so using an office-wide email account. This way, if the person managing the account leaves Geneseo, management can be easily transferred to someone else.


Before creating a new social media account for your department, office, or group, you must identify and designate a social media manager for the account. If the account does not have a manager who is willing and able to regularly post comment and monitor the account, it is likely to become a defunct account that could negatively impact the reputation of your office or the college in general.

Content & Comment Guidelines

Social media is interactive. You should expect and encourage feedback and discussion!

What should I post?

Your social media account's content should directly relate to your department or organization and engage your audience directly. Feel free to ask quests or soliciting feedback. No matter what you post, your content should be aimed at starting or continuing dynamic conversations with your audience. Here are a few ideas for content inspiration.

Can I/should I post this?

Remember that activity on your social media accounts represents Geneseo as a whole to a large audience. Make sure that your posts carry out the spirit of the college's mission, values and goals. Be sensitive to topics that may be incendiary, or that may reflect poorly on the college. Do not post any copyrighted or questionably legal content, direct attacks on individuals or groups, libel, etc.

How do I handle negative comments?

Negative comments that don't violate our policy should either be ignored or should receive a polite, constructive response. If you are unsure how to handle a negative comment, please contact the Director of Digital Communications.