Adding an Existing Page to a Menu

  1. You can assign a page (i.e. content node) to a menu when creating a new page or editing an existing page. To add an existing page to a Menu, locate and click the 'Site Menus' link (in the workbench menu).  Then click Add Link on the appropriate website.
  2. Fill in the Menu link title and link path. The title is the label displayed on the menu. The path should be a Drupal node number or a hard coded url for any Drupal pages. Use a url path for any pages external to You can search for a Drupal page using it's page title. Drupal will fill in the node number. Make sure the parent link is the website where you want to add the menu item. You can leave the other settings with their defaults in most cases. The weight value will place the menu item lower (negative) or higher (positive) in the menu. In most cases it isn't very useful and you have to edit the menu to place the item where you want it.
    Add the menu link title and path and press Save to add the menu item
  3. Click Edit Menus again and then click List Links to see all the Menu links for your website menu. Find your item. In our example it is at the bottom of the list.
    Click Edit Menus and List Links to see all the menu links
    View the list of links and find your new item.
  4. Click on the "cross icon" in front of your item and drag it to the spot where you want your menu item to reside. Push "Save" to save your change.
    Move your new item using the cross icon to the appropriate spot in the menu


Adding a Menu Item When Creating a New Page

You can also add a menu item for a page when you are editing the page. See the Menu Settings tab in the Basic Page editor. This tab only visible after a page has been created. This tab will let you create the menu link. You would follow the steps described above to position your menu link exactly where you want it within the website menu.
You can also add a menu link when editing a page.  See the menu settings tab