Geneseo Web Style Guide

Font Styles

To change  text, highlight the text and then select a format from the format drop-down menu.

Use the normal font style for the vast majority of the text on your pages, separated by headings when necessary.

Both headings and paragraph text should be aligned left (not centered or aligned to the right).

All text should be title case or sentence case, never all caps. Many headings have transferred over from the old website as all caps. Please update any instances of this, as screen readers will read all caps text as an acronym, making it very difficult for users with disabilities to understand. 

Only use heading styling for section headings on a page. Please don't use them for decorative accent or emphasis; text that is labeled as a heading but is not will confuse screen readers and other assistive devices.

Please don't skip heading levels; go from 2 to 3 to 4, and so on. If you skip heading levels, assistive devices will not be able to properly parse the order of information on the page, presenting a problem for users with disabilities.

Both headings and paragraph text should be left-aligned (not centered or aligned right).

Below are examples of what each text style looks like when selected in Drupal.

If you have any formatting questions, please contact Kristy Barkan at

Heading 1

Use heading 1 for the title line of every page, which should be the first line on every page. This is very important for accessibility and search engine optimization. Please do not use the heading 1 style anywhere else on a page.

Heading 2

Use heading two to style the descriptive title above top-level sections of information on a page. 

Heading 3

Use heading three for sections of information within heading two sections.

Heading 4

Use heading four for sections of information within heading three sections.

Heading 5

Use heading five for sections of information within heading four sections.

Heading 6

Use heading six for sections of information within heading five sections.

Paragraph (Normal)

This is the default paragraph styling and should be used extensively.

Site Homepages

Homepage Images

If you would like to change the large image on your site's homepage, please contact Kristy Barkan (

Homepage Quick-Link Buttons

There should be no more than six "quick link" buttons on the right side of the landing page.