What's New in Drupal 8

Geneseo upgraded to Drupal 8 on August 10, 2017.  This page describes some of the things you will notice about the new version.

Updates to Website Theme and Template

Some minor stylistic changes were implemented in the website theme and template to give the site a cleaner look.  It included some changes in fonts, the website header, and other areas.

Web Accessibility

Alt Tags are required when adding images to a Page

Web Staff Have been working to add alt tags to images and other web page objects/tags on existing pages throughout the summer.

Style Changes Were Implemented to Better Support Accessibility Standards

My Workbench

Drupal 8 comes with a new My Workbench navigation menu on the top of the page (once you are authenticated) which provides quick access to basic editing tasks.  These type of tasks were previously displayed in a left navigation menu (above the site's menu links).

Drupal8 My Workbench Menu

Web Page Editor

A new version of the web page rich text editor (CKEditor) is including in Drupal 8.  It has a different look & feel.

Drupal8 Web Page Editor

Site Organization Changes in Drupal 8

Geneseo's websites depend on Drupal groups.  The way these groups are implemented in Drupal 8 changed substantially.  The thing site editors will notice is that you now select a site first before doing something like creating a new page or editing a site menu.  In Drupal 7 you use to visit the "create basic page" screen first and then select the site to be used within that form.  Now you select a site first (via the "My Sites" or "Site Menus" workbench menu options) and then select the type of page you want to create.

Basic Pages vs. Advanced Pages

A new Advanced Page content type was created to support development of more complex pages.  This type is currently being utilized by the Web Development team.  Most site editors should continue using the Basic Pages for now.  We will be publishing documentation and providing training resources on how to utlize Advanced Pages in your sites in the near future.

Latest Drupal Features

In addition to the above features Drupal 8 provides Geneseo with the latest security patches, bug fixes, performance improvements, and additional features that allow us to better develop and manage the campus website.