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Bomb Threat Checklist

Use the following checklist if you receive a phone call indicating a bomb threat. 
Read more information on bomb threats.

  1. Time the call was received?

  2. Time the call ended?

  3. Caller's name and address, if known?

  4. Male or female?

  5. Approximate age range based on voice?

  6. Bomb facts (questions to ask)

    • When will the bomb explode?

    • Where is it located?

    • What does it look like?

    • What kind is it?

    • Why was the bomb placed?


  7. Voice Characteristics

    • Tone: loud/soft, high/low pitch, stutter?

    • Speech: fast/slow, distorted, cursing, slurred, lisp, disguised?

    • Language: excellent/good/fair/ poor, raspy, nasal, foreign?

  8. Background noise
    • Music?

    • Voices?

    • Traffic?

    • Machines?

    • Cell phone?

    • Quiet?

    • Children?

    • Typing?

    • Other?

  9. Name of the person receiving the call?
  10. Date?