Bomb Threats

If you receive a threatening call warning of a bomb or other physical harm, do not hang up.
Have another person call 911 while you try to obtain information. Engage the caller in a conversation as long as possible and note what you hear.

If you see a suspicious object, DO NOT move, jar or touch it or anything attached to it. Notify University Police.

If You Receive a Bomb Threat

  1. Don't rely on memory; take notes

  2. What's the specific threat?

  3. Is the voice familiar in any way?

  4. Is the caller male or female? Young or old?

  5. Tone of speech: calm, angry?  Is there an accent, stutter, etc.?

  6. Are there any background sounds?

  7. Record the caller's words, if possible

  8. Ask the following:

  • When will the bomb explode?

  • Where is it located?

  • What does it look like? What kind is it?

  • Is there more than one?

  • What will cause it to explode?

  • Who placed the bomb?

  • Why was the bomb placed?

  • Try to get the caller's name and address

University Police will determine whether to evacuate based on the information and circumstances surrounding the threat.


If You're Instructed to Evacuate

  • Follow police directions and remain calm. 
  • Walk to the nearest exit, and make sure others are evacuating.
  • Evacuate 200+ yards from the area which may contain the bomb.
  • Be alert for anything unusual on the evacuation route.
  • If you see something that appears suspicious, DO NOT move, jar or touch the object or anything attached to it. Notify University Police.