Severe Weather

Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather warnings or events, classes may be canceled and college activities postponed.
The College is never closed, and essential personnel will be available regardless of the weather situation.

University Police and the Office of College Communications will notify employees, students and the general public through:

  • The weather hotline at 585-245-6666.
  • Announcements on
  • Local media outlets (radio, television, Internet)
  • NY-Alert text messaging, depending on severity of weather and risks posed
  • Campus e-mail communications
  • Official campus social media accounts

For your own health and safety, follow procedures communicated by University Police during severe weather. Use discretion when venturing outside to protect yourself from possible harm.

In certain extraordinary situations it may not be possible for employees to get to work or students to attend classes without jeopardizing their personal well-being. In situations such as these, College faculty, staff, and students should make their own decisions about reporting to work or classes with due consideration for travel safety. For more information, please see our Class Cancellation & Extraordinary Weather Conditions policy