Utility Disruptions

Utility Disruptions 

For all utility emergencies, call 911. Provide location and report any noises or occurrences that happened before the incident.

Gas Leaks

If you detect gas, do not call from cell phones or two-way radios. Do not pull fire alarms. Any spark may cause ignition leading to explosion.

  • Immediately cease all operations/activities and evacuate the area.
  • Do not switch lights on or off.
  • Do not take time to open windows or close doors.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • DO NOT re-enter building or area until authorized by University Police or other officials.

Power Outages

  • Never touch fallen electrical wires or exposed electrical wiring.
  • Know the location of nearest exit if evacuation is required. Use stairways. Do NOT use elevators.
  • Look for persons who may need assistance.
  • When mechanical ventilation is interrupted, chemical vapors may reach hazardous concentration levels. Laboratory personnel should:
    • secure experiments or activities that may present a danger when electrical power is off or when it is restored unexpectedly.
    • close sashes on fume hoods and clean up or store chemicals
    • notify lab supervisor immediately
    • stop using hazardous materials until power is restored

Flooding or Water Line Break

  • STOP using all electrical devices.
  • Call 911.
  • Move items off the floor in affected work areas.
  • If instructed, evacuate the area or building.

Stalled Elevator

  • If you are trapped, use the emergency phone in the elevator or push the alarm button. If cell phones work, call 911.
  • Wait for help and remain calm.
  • If you discover people trapped in an elevator, call 911. Talk to the people to help them remain calm until help arrives.