Stop the Bleed Kits

Stop the Bleed kit
Contents of a Stop the Bleed kit

Launched in October 2015 by the White House, Stop the Bleed is a national awareness and action program designed to help stop or slow serious bleeding during emergency events.

Stop the Bleed provides simple directions and a toolkit with essential equipment. It outlines the three primary steps required to keep bleeding people alive until medical personnel can arrive and provide appropriate care — the ABCs of bleeding control:

A = Alert – Call 911 as soon as possible.

B = Bleeding – Locate the bleeding injury.

C = Compress – Apply pressure to stop the bleeding.

In addition to directions, Stop the Bleed kits contain two pair of blue nitrile gloves, one Celox hemostatic gauze dressing, one Combat Application tourniquet, one SWAT-T tourniquet, one mini black marker and one pair of trauma shears/scissors.

In November 2018, SUNY Geneseo officially adopted the Stop the Bleed program, adding 70 bleeding control kits to each of the wall mounted units (34 residential automated external defibrillator [AED] cabinets, 36 in the academic AED cabinets).

Additional bleeding control kits are carried by Geneseo First Response (GFR) emergency personnel, and more have been distributed to the Geneseo University Police Department.