Student Loan Repayment

Before you receive a loan, you would have completed the Master Promissory Note. At that time, you promised to pay back the funds that were disbursed. The loans you borrowed, may or may not have accrued interest while you were in school at least half-time.

Subsidized Direct Loan or Federal Perkins Loan- Interest did not accrue while you were in school.

Unsubsidized Direct Loan and/or Alternative Loans- Interest accrued from the time it disbursed (paid out).

Understanding your repayment terms and conditions is critical, in order to avoid delinquency and default. It is important to know which loans you have borrowed, so the first place you should go to is the National Student Loan Database System (NSLDS). Select "Financial Aid Review" and log in to see a listing of all the Federal student loans you have borrowed while in college.

NSLDS will not provide a listing of any Alternative/Private student loans you have borrowed.

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Online Calculators/Tools

Loan Simulator

See what your estimated payments will be depending on the plan you choose.

Capitalized Interest Calculator

Calculate how much interest accrues on a loan.

Credit Card Repayment Calculator

Determine how long it will take you to pay off your balance.

Credit Reporting Information

Check your credit report annually.

Student Loan Forgiveness

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