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Financial Aid FAQ

Frequently asked questions for new and prospective students.

What if my family's financial situation has changed after completing my FAFSA?

If your financial situation has changed since completing the FAFSA due to divorce/separation, loss or reduction of income or other unusual circumstances, consider filing a Request for Special Conditions. This process allows us to re-calculate your eligibility for federal aid based on your current situation. For more information, please reach out to the Office of Financial Aid at 585-245-5731.

How do I apply for financial aid?

Step by step instructions for applying for financial aid.

Do I have to apply for financial aid each year?

Yes, students must complete the FAFSA and TAP applications each academic year. Click here for our recommended deadlines. .

How do I apply for scholarships?

New student scholarships are awarded based on merit and financial need. Admitted students will automatically be considered. Students are not required to complete the FAFSA but are encouraged to do so.

Is my scholarship guaranteed for all four years?

Yes and no. It depends on the scholarship being awarded. For more information about scholarships, please visit our Geneseo Scholarship page.

I’ve been admitted to Geneseo, how do I know when my financial aid is complete and how do I view my financial aid award?

If Geneseo received your processed FAFSA and your financial aid package has been calculated, you should find instructions for viewing your awards on the Application Status Page. You will also receive an email and letter letting you know when your awards are ready for viewing.

Can I receive my Geneseo Community Scholarship or my Scholar in Residence Scholarship if I live at home?

No, these scholarships are to assist with the cost of on campus housing. If you do not live on campus, you would no longer be eligible.

Frequently asked questions about financial aid and billing for the Fall 2020 semester.

Q. What is the status of my New York State Excelsior or STEM Scholarship?

A. We share your concerns regarding the timely notification of your 2020-21 Excelsior Scholarship award. Please note that the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically reduced state revenues and the processing of new applications is pending on Federal assistance, which has been delayed since April. Excelsior Scholarship awards may have to be reduced and/or prioritized for current recipients as provided for under the program. We will update you as more information becomes available.

Q. Why is my Excelsior Scholarship not being deducted from my bill?

A. We are still waiting for notification from New York State as to whether awards may be reduced and/or prioritized due to the dramatic reduction of state revenues caused by the pandemic. As we wait for further guidance, families that have applied for the Excelsior Scholarship have two options.

  1. Pay the balance in full and be reimbursed any excess payment resulting from an Excelsior Scholarship award.
  2. Enroll in a Geneseo payment plan and pay the first installment by the bill due date. If an Excelsior Scholarship is awarded, the remaining installments will be reduced or canceled depending on the scholarship amount.
Q. I am a new Excelsior Scholarship recipient. Should I still apply?

A. YES! The application is now open. New recipients must submit NYS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and Excelsior Scholarship applications to be considered for the award.The deadline to apply for the Excelsior Scholarship is August 31, 2020.

Q. When will I receive my fall bill?

A. Fall bills have been distributed and are due on September 10th. More information on paying your bill through our online payment system.

Q. What if I need additional assistance to help cover my bill?

A. If you need additional assistance beyond the financial aid you have already been offered, you and your family may want to consider applying for a Federal Parent (PLUS) Loan Federal Parent (PLUS) Loan  or a Private student loan. Contact us directly if you have additional questions or if your economic status has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic,

Q. How do I access my 529 Saving Plan so that I can pay the college bill?

A. While each plan is different, many provide withdrawal forms on their websites. Those who have accounts with NY’s 529 College Saving Program can access the withdrawal form. You may be asked for Geneseo’s Title IV (federal) school code which is 002845. Please note: requesting a withdrawal could take up to 2 weeks to process. Funds can be sent to our Student Accounts Office, 1 College Circle, Geneseo, NY 14424.

Q. Are there any discounts being applied due to classes being online and not in person?

A. There are no discounts. Unlike the spring, which was an abrupt transition, our faculty have had the benefit of time to plan, obtain extensive feedback from students and train on the best modalities and approaches to online learning. Our students' experience will be greatly enhanced by their hard work and dedication to providing a high quality curriculum and overall experience.

Q. Will I receive a refund if we leave campus due to COVID?

A. In the event that Residential Life terminates housing due to public health concerns, the College will offer refunds on the campus housing based on a prorated schedule.

Q. Am I going to be able to work on campus?

A. Yes, there will still be student employment on campus. Please check the Student Employment website for openings, including work study positions

Q. I don’t have a work study award but I want one. What can I do?

A. Currently, we have awarded all work study funds. However, you can send an email with your name and G# to requesting to be added to the work study waitlist. If you are eligible and funds become available, you will be contact by the Office of Financial Aid.

Q. I don’t qualify for work study. Can I still work on campus?

A. Yes, check Geneseo’s Student Employment website for current job openings.

Q. Why should I come and live on campus if I am taking most/all of my classes online?

A. SUNY Geneseo prides itself for its residential experience. Even though it will look a little bit different, it's still to your benefit to come to/return to campus in the fall. Even if the majority of your classes this fall are taught entirely online, there are good reasons for students to be on campus. Joining us on campus will provide you with easy access to a variety of offices and resources that can support your academic success and engagement. The college has excellent internet access and technology, which means that you’ll have unbroken and dependable access to your online coursework. Our library services will be available. Campus study spaces will be open, and you can use them as places to connect with other students and quietly complete your coursework. We also have a team of on-campus academic support resources including tutors, peer mentors, faculty and professional staff here to help support you. Additionally, our colleagues in Student and Campus Life have been working through the summer to ensure that on-campus students will have access to a wide range of engagement opportunities that meet guidelines for public health and physical distancing. Although we expect that all students will have an impactful and engaging fall semester, students on campus will be well-served with opportunities to interact in person with other students, faculty, and campus programming. (taken from:

Q. How can I contact the Office of Financial Aid?

A. You can call (585-245-5731) or email the office. Please keep in mind that July/August are our busiest months of the year. This year it is even more challenging given the COVID crisis. We are doing our best to address the needs of all of our students and families.

Q. What is the best way to submit documents to the Office of Financial Aid?

A. The best way to submit documents quickly and securely is to use our SECURE upload process. (Students must have a Geneseo email to submit this way.) Please include your student ID (G number) on each page of the submission to ensure that it is processed properly. This method is preferred over mail and email especially when submitting personally identifiable information.

Q. What if I have questions about coming to campus in the fall?

A. Please review Geneseo's Restart Plan website for additional information. This will be updated regularly as additional information becomes available.