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Geneseo Area Gaming Group

Squirrels Welcome to the Geneseo Area Gaming Group's (GAGG) new web site. We have quite a few areas on the site. The Facebook page is over this way. If you're looking to learn some new games or even play the old favorites, you've come to the right place! Come on down to the College Union MOSAIC room every Wednesday at 8:00pm to find out about the club's goings on and play some games.

RunningGAGG XXIII Gaming Conference: February 7-9, 2020
The Spice Must Flow

Club News



Executive Board Meeting: 7:00 pm in the MOSAIC

Club Meeting & Games: 8:00pm in the MOSAIC


Other Interesting Events / Announcements

Tuesdays: Anime Club meeting at 7:30pm in Bailey 209.

Fridays: Anime Club meeting at 5:00pm in Bailey 203.

Visit our Facebook Group and follow us on Twitter for more information!

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