RunningGAGG Charity Auction

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The Geneseo Area Gaming Group (GAGG) is very proud to host our annual 100% Charity Auction at Running GAGG. The donations and funds raised through this event have and will go to a truly cause, the Ronald McDonald House of  Rochester. We have been blessed with a superb auctioneer, Phantom, over the years; it has been through his quick wit and debonair charm that we have been able to raise so much. Only he can get higher than list price on Dragon Dice, cash for a personally signed empty water bottle, and spike bids drastically with Dino Dice.

We also owe a huge thanks to the gaming industry, local retailers, our convention vendors, and many attendees who donate products and services for us to offer up for bidding. The support that you've shown Running GAGG in the past years amazes us. The enlivening feeling one gets from their surrounding gaming community is both bolstering and overwhelming. Thank you.

That being said, if you would like to donate something to the auction please email us or just bring it to the convention and talk to the registration desk.

Now, go dig up those mason jars in the back yard and cash in those savings bonds that Grandma got you when you were four so you have plenty of bidding power.

Total Donations from RunningGAGG: over $61,000! (as of 2022)