Running GAGG Special Guests

Running GAGG 27 Special Guests

P.M. Seymour

P.M. Seymour is known for several things, including his role as a voice actor in several games, including titles such as "Genshin Impact", "DC Battle Arena", and "Yandere Simulator". Beyond that, they have a Youtube Channel in which they do Tumblr Reads that currently has over 500 thousand subscribers. Attendees of Running GAGG will have an opportunity to attend a Q&A session with them and to play Cards Against Humanity!

Here are some past guests:

William Adcock

William Adcock is a local game-master and writer who began his gaming career through the Geneseo Area Gaming Group during his time as a student. A lifelong fan of horror stories, he has specialized in writing for and running Chaosium’s award-winning Call of Cthulhu RPG, promoting the game through Chaosium’s GM outreach program, the “Cult of Chaos.” He has written freelance for licensees such as Golden Goblin Press and Stygian Fox Publishing, having co-authored the Ennie Award-winning 7th Edition Guide to Cthulhu Invictus, provided the scenario “The Dragon of Cambria” to the collection No Faith in Appearances, and co-authoring the upcoming releases Hudson & Brand: Shadows of the Past and Britannia and Beyond.  

Jennifer Adcock

Jennifer Adcock is a fiction writer, game designer, and blogger. She creates story- and roleplay-driv- en games that are accessible to all ages, with a focus on introducing new players to the wonder- ful world of RPGs. She also likes to explore a wide array of indie RPGs and bring those to both new and longtime gamers alike. Jennifer’s RPG cam- paigns are recounted through her blog posts, tell- ing the stories of her friends’ adventures at First- Her D&D adventures are available for purchase at the DMs Guild.

Dan Hundycz

Dan is a retired counselor with a lifelong interest in board, card, and role-playing games. He loves tabletop games because of the human interaction they provide, as well as their non-linear direction. DPH Games Inc was founded in 2013 and has produced a number of titles that use different mechanics to provide a variety of experiences.

The company’s stated goal is to “...create games that make people laugh, think and enjoy each other’s company. There is nothing quite like a group of friends or family members sitting around a table involved in an interactive game. The experience brings people closer together and isn’t that what it is all about!”

Currently, DPH Games has eight games on the market. Cache Me If You Can!  A geocaching board and card game version. Psychological Warfare is a card game that uses psychological theory in a humorous way. CATS a sad but necessary cycle of violent predatory behavior is a 3-5 player game where you play cats attempting to catch and steal birds in the backyard. Affliction: Salem 1692 is a historically accurate game about the Salem witch trials that has received national attention and high praise from a multitude of reviewers. The Gates of R’lyeh is a social game where players work together to race against the clock. However, some of the players will secretly work against that goal. Agent 299 is a fast nine card game that is surprisingly “thinky”. In Tents a family-friendly camping game for up to 8 players.

Brian Keller

Brian is the Vice President of Business for Windmill Game Co. He got his start in the gaming industry because of Running Gagg. Brian came to GAGG and ran games leading to being invited to other conventions run by Dan Brace. He eventually ended up at Origins and met his current game company companions at Windmill. He became part of their Demo team and then was made VP of Business with a concentration on the sales and marketing side of the industry. He also is a writer and editor for the company, having just put work into their recent release ADGNEPSEF555 (if you like candy ask about this0. Without GAGG, Brian would be relegated to just an 8-5 job in Sales.

Kevin Kreiner

Dr. Kevin Kreiner is a co-founder of the husband and wife team of Carcosa Creations. He has been running table top games for over 35 years, start- ing with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons in 1983, and has several campaigns in different sys- tems that have lasted over a decade each. Kevin first got started running Live Action Role Playing games with Elder Entertainment at Origins a decade ago, and has written over 20 one-shot
scenarios within the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu uni- verse since. In 2017 Kevin and his wife, Kim, decided that instead of being referred to as "the Cthulhu LARP people" they would take up a name, and Carcosa Creations was born. Serving the tri-state area with games to fray the mind and bringing chaos to conventions, this is the first year Carcosa Creations will be attending Running GAGG.

Gil Merrit

When EA cancelled the PlayStation fighting game “Thrill Kill”, published cartoonist Gil Merritt defiantly wrote and created AMPUTHEATRE: an underground board game of survival horror combat. Gil now operates under the brand name Chenille Macabre and builds intricate miniatures and figures from pipe cleaners. His various dragons, zombies and werewolves have been on exhibit at the Strong National Museum of Play. Gil’s pipe cleaner skills are self-taught and he prefers the job title “Evil Toy Maker.”

Angela Murray

Angela Murray is an award winning author at Gnome Stew, writing game mastering advice ar- ticles. Angela loves talking about ways to draw players and their characters into the game and keep them invested, or how to handle the logis- tical problems that prevent keeping a gaming group together. She is also a host on the Gnome- Cast, the Gnome Stew’s podcast, she has done graphic design for various gaming products, was
a founding member of Rogue Princess Squadron. Currently, she is running a wide variety of games at conventions, including Masks, Bubblegumshoe, Uncharted Worlds, and more. She’s also enjoying being a player in some fantastic campaigns. You can find her online at and on Twitter @orikes13.

Brandon Osorio

Brandon Osorio (B.G. Osorio) is the creator and lead game designer of Dark Refuge: The Adventure Game, and The Time Shredders RPG. In the early 2000s, they innovated a new style of TTRpg game design that moved towards immersive cinematic combat exemplified by simple, easy to use rules. B.G. was a guest speaker at colleges across the U.S., while authoring multiple novels including Day Earth Died, and The Nightmare Lord, as part of the Dark Refuge Expanded Universe.  

B.G.'s successes include running the fabulous online DR Space Campaign, and the Goblin Lands experience for hundreds of players. Their philosophies of rule design and world building have directly influenced many modern successful TTRPG creators.  B.G. is very proud to have partnered with Wisdom Vault and Meta-Game Inc. for the upcoming release of “Seas of Kansas," a game of modern survival horror, set in flooded cities overrun by white supremacists and corporate thugs.  

Of all the amazing conventions B.G. has attended over the years, Running GAGG always feels like coming home.