Running GAGG Special Guests

Jen Adcock

Jen Adcock is a game designer and writer from Buffalo, NY. She is best known for The Price of Coal, the acclaimed storytelling game about labor rights and forgotten American history. She has also worked on a number of other games, including D&D, for which she was featured in Dragon+ Magazine.

Ed Bond

Ed Bond of Horseheads is the owner of MetaDreams LLC, which has developed a line of chess variant games: MetaCheckers, MetaCheckers: Soccer, When Gods Collide and Puzzle Board Chess. His first game, MetaCheckers, was invented in a dream in which his wife rolled a pair of dice and then moved a checker as a knight. Excited by the innovation, he immediately tried to wake and tell her all about the dream, working out in more detail how the game could be played. It took a few moments to realize he was still dreaming – dreaming about a dream – which seemed a very meta experience.

Taking MetaCheckers out on the board game circuit, he saw that players wanted to innovate create within the game. This led to the invention of the puzzle board, a chess board made of tiles that changes shape every game. To develop the game pieces and the puzzle board, he acquired a laser cutter and can create a variety of custom, laser cut objects. 

Dan Hundycz

I started serious gaming in my early teens with an Avalon Hill Game called Panzer Blitz and it was downhill from there. While in college, I played the obligatory D&D, Cosmic Encounters and Diplomacy. Entering into the world of Education after graduate school (Masters in Psychology and Sociology) I created a number of simulations; trips to space, crime scenes and a few LARPS. Those experiences taught me about balance in gameplay. I think what you will find is that I have created games that are fresh and a little different than your standard fare. About DPH Games–DPH Games Inc. began in early in 2013. In May, Cache Me If You Can! The Geocaching Board Game was launched. Since then, we have funded and released a number of games: Psychological Warfare CATS a sad but necessary cycle of violent predatory behavior Affliction: Salem 1692 (Dice Tower seal of excellence), The Gate of R'lyeh Agent 299 In Tents (a camping game), Madoshi Priests of the Sun and Moon Usurp the King.

Brian Keller

Brian is the Vice President of Business for Windmill Game Co. He got his start in the gaming industry because of Running Gagg. Brian came to GAGG and ran games leading to being invited to other conventions run by Dan Brace. He eventually ended up at Origins and met his current game company companions at Windmill. He became part of their Demo team and then was made VP of Business with a concentration on the sales and marketing side of the industry. He also is a writer and editor for the company, having just put work into their recent release ADGNEPSEF555 (if you like candy ask about this0. Without GAGG, Brian would be relegated to just an 8-5 job in Sales.

Kevin Kreiner

Dr. Kevin Kreiner (he/him) is a co-founder of Carcosa Creations, a Lovecraftian LARP company with over 50 original convention-length scenarios, that runs games at conventions across the northeast. He is the primary writer and dreams up most of the horrors the LARP players will face. He is also one of the writers of Hometown Horrors, Volume One, a popular Call of Cthulhu supplement published through Miskatonic Repository, with other projects soon to be published in partnership with Miskatonic Repository. His secret identity is a professor of history at SUNY Cortland and Finger Lakes Community College. 

Min Kreiner

Min Kreiner (they/them) is a co-founder of Carcosa Creations, a Lovecraftian LARP company with over 50 original convention-length scenarios, that runs games at conventions across the northeast. They are the company's primary prop and sound designer, bringing the LARPs to life with hand made props and immersive live mixed soundscapes. They are also the Lead Storyteller for the By Night Studios official Discord LARP, Miami by Night, and official By Night Studios LARP liaison for Origins Game Fair and GenCon. 

Gil Merrit

Fiendweavers is an artistic husband-and-wife team based in Rochester, NY! The Gil-Monster builds unique miniatures and figures by hand out of pipe cleaners. His creatures, inspired by both folklore and pop-culture, are highly detailed and poseable. Meanwhile, Misere Love is an accomplished seamstress with a focus on whimsical waist cinchers based on fantasy and horror! She also knits adorable Bowie Constrictors- adorable snake accoutrements that serve as scarves and/or belts. Both artists take custom orders. If you're looking for something creepy, cool, whimsical, fun, or just downright fierce, Fiendweavers has something for everyone!

Shawn Merwin

Shawn Merwin's work in the roleplaying game industry has spanned 20+ years and over five million words of content. In addition to his work as a freelance contractor for Wizards of the Coast through three editions of D&D, he has written and edited RPG material for Penny Arcade, Kobold Press, Modiphius Entertainment, Pelgrane Press, Gamehole Publishing, and many others. For 5e D&D, he co-wrote the Acquisitions Incorporated hardcover and Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, and is also a co-host of the Mastering Dungeons and Eldritch Lore podcasts. In 2021 he joined Ghostfire Gaming as Executive Lead Designer working on their highly successful RPG products. He also teaches a class on Writing for RPGs at Fredonia State University.

Angela Murray

Angela Murray has been an author at the award winning gaming advice blog, Gnome Stew since 2014 and in 2021 became Head Gnome. Her articles cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from ways to manage problems at the table to advice on how to be better players. In addition, she has been running the Gnomecast, Gnome Stew’s podcast, since 2017 and in 2022 started a D&D-centric podcast called THAC0 with Advantage. Ang can often be found attending conventions and running games. Current games include Tales from the Loop, Vaesen, Masks, Monster of the Week, and many more. You can find her online at

Jonathan & Lola Myers

Jonathan & Lola Myers are fantasy illustrators who have worked on projects ranging from book covers, games, comic books, puzzles, and films. Clients that they have completed artwork for include Disney, Lucasfilm, Z-Man Games, Atlas Games, Puzzle Panic, Barnettworks, and many others.

Brandon Osorio

Brandon Osorio is best known for creating the Dark Refuge: The Adventure Game and the Time Shredders ttrpgs. They have written two video games and eight novels including the philosophical science-fantasy epics Godswords: Saga of the Bladed Sun and Day Earth Died.  

Brandon was proud to join with the Wisdom Vault team and Meta-Game for the successful kickstarter of Seas of Kansas. A bleeding edge survival horror experience where heroes are rescue workers in a flooded city. Using a revolutionary relationship system, Seas of Kansas is a must play experience. 
Their proudest moments include running the national Border Wars Campaign, bringing together hundreds of players, as well as designing products and taking part in speaking engagements that helped inspire a whole generation of new game designers.

Brandon is a Guest Speaker at conventions and colleges across the country, speaking on topics such as Independent Game Design and Creating Compelling Villains. Though of all the conventions that Brandon attends throughout the year, Running GAGG always feels like coming home.