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Retirement Planning

The information in this section is to help provide tools and resources to assist you with planning for retirement. The content here should be used in conjunction with resources provided to you by your health benefits administrator, your retirement system, the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) and other benefits available to you in retirement such as Medicare and Social Security. 

Phased Retirement Program for Faculty and Professional Staff

The Phased Retirement Program has been established to provide eligible academic and professional employees the opportunity to phase into retirement gradually.

Pre-Retirement Checklists

Health Insurance & Medicare

Planning Your Successful Retirement Video Guide: This series of short videos include information on retiree health insurance, medicare, social security, NYS Deferred Compensation Program and New York State & Local Retirement System.

Q. How can I calculate the value of my sick leave credit?

A. Use NYSHIP's online calculator to estimate the value of your sick leave credit. To get started, visit the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) section of the Department of Civil Service website at From the homepage, under Benefit Programs, click on NYSHIPOnline, click on Active Employee, answer the two individual questions, choose Planning to Retireand then Sick Leave Credit Calculator.

2022 NYSHIP Choices Booklet
2022 NYSHIP Rates

How do I pay for health insurance in retirement?

Paying for health insurance

 Medicare Medicare & NYSHIP Booklet Important Health Insurance Information for Retirees. When you are no longer an active employee and become eligible for Medicare, it is the combination of your health insurance benefits under Medicare and the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) that provides you with the most complete coverage. 

Planning for RetirementPlanning for Retirement As a NYS retiree, you may be able to continue NYSHIP's coverage for you and eligible dependents. This booklet explains your health benefits in retirement and answers many questions!

WelcomeWelcome to Employee Benefits Division (EBD) This booklet explains how and where retirees can get the help you need with your NYSHIP coverage. 

GIBRetiree General Information Book General NYSHIP information book for NYS Retirees. 

EmpireOn the Road with NYS Empire Plan




NYSHIP & Medicare Eligibility Part 1
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NYSHIP & Medicare Part 2
NYSHIP medicare image



CSEA/UUP Retiree Dental and Vision Benefits

Retirement Plan Resources

NYSLRS Video Topics

Pre-Retirement Planning Guide & Other Tips

This section has helpful information for all our SUNY Geneseo employees, but please keep in mind that many of the sections pertaining to the actual retirement program pertain to NYSLRS or NYSPFRS participants.

NYS Work-Life Services Self-help Guide to Pre-Retirement Planning

Deferred Compensation Plan Retirement Tips

Employee Retirement System (ERS) Retirement Tips

Social Security Retirement Tips

NYS Health Insurance Plan (NYSHIP) Retirement Tips

Who Are You Going to Call? 

Human Resources & Payroll Services -- 585-245-5616
NYS Employee Benefits Division -- 1-800-833-4344
Social Security Administration -- 1-800-772-1213
UUP Benefit Trust Fund -- Retiree Rep:  Walter Apple -- 800-342-4206/Ext. 638
CSEA Benefit Trust Fund -- Retiree Rep:  Coley Foley -- 1-800-323-2732
NYSLRS/NYS PFRS --  1-866-805-0990 
NYSTRS -- 800-348-7298
SUNY ORP Investment Providers: