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Championship Pictures 2019

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ball handlerz wbball

Ball Handlerz - Women's Basketball

ginthers army m bball

Ginther's Army - Men's Competitive Basketball 

redwings m bball

Redwings - Men's Recreational Basketball 

phi kap volleyball coed bball

Phi Kap / Volleyball - Coed Basketball 

phi kap ago coed dodge

Phi Kap / AGO - Coed Dodgeball 

phi kap men dodge

Phi Kap - Men's Dodgeball 

tip top coed broom

Tip Top - Coed Broomball  

tip top mens broomball

Tip Top - Coed Broomball 

 coed kickball ginthers army

Ginther's Army- Coed Kickball

 coed softball sit on my base.Sit On My Base- Coed Softball 

 dyce coed kan jam

Dyce- Coed Kan Jam 

 men kickball sig nu

Sig Nu- Men's Kickball 

 mens softball bball

Basketball- Men's Softball 

 mens kan jam ginther

Ginther's Army- Men's Kan Jam

 ginther men indoor soccer

Ginther's Army- Men's Indoor Soccer

 womens indoor soccer gsuwbb

GSUWBB- Women's Indoor Soccer

 coed indoor soccer phi kap ago

Phi Kap / AGO- Coed Indoor Soccer

 average joes coed bad

Average Joes- Coed Badminton

 the aced women badminton

The Aces- Women's Badminton

 mens badminton sig nu

Sig Nu- Men's Badminton

 coed vball ball busters

Ball Busters- Coed Volleyball

womens vball the boysThe Boys- Women's Volleyball 

 mens vball phi kap

Phi Kap- Men's Volleyball

 ginther mens soccer

Ginther's Army- Men's Outdoor Soccer

 look ma no hands coed soccer

Look Ma No Hands- Coed Outdoor Soccer

 pickle rick mens pickel

Pickle Rick- Men's Pickleball


 basketball men flag

Basketball- Men's Flag Football




Big TDs Coed FH

Big TDs- Coed Arena Football

GSR mens FH

GSR- Men's Arena Football

milk men mens fh

Milk Men- Men's Floor Hockey 

tip top coed fh

Tip Top- Coed Floor Hockey


Ducks- Coed Ping Pong 

juicy j mens ping pong

Juicy J- Men's Ping Pong

broompa loompa coed rec brooom

Broompa Loompas- Coed Recreational Broomball 

tip top coed comp broom

Tip Top- Coed Competitive Broomball 

tip top mens broom

Tip Top- Men's Broomball

tip top womens broom

Tip Top- Women's Broomball