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Language Tutoring

 Tutoring Schedule - Spring 2022

Tutoring services will be available online this semester to all students enrolled in foreign language courses at Geneseo. Student tutors (members of the various foreign language clubs) provide individual tutoring. Tutoring is available primarily to students enrolled in the Department's 101- and 102-level courses but some tutors can also assist students at the intermediate and advanced levels. See schedule below. 

For questions related to tutoring, please contact Professors Beth Adams ( or Elizabeth McManus (  

How to connect with one of our tutors:


Dear Spanish Language Students,
We are pleased to announce this semester’s Spanish tutoring support schedule. Should you need detailed help with concepts, please visit or email your instructor for help. However, if you would like to practice concepts, converse or need extra support, please contact one of the tutors below based on the levels that correspond to the class that you are taking.

How to connect with one of our tutors:

1. Contact the tutor directly by email according to what options might correspond with your mutual availability.
2. Tutoring meetings will be scheduled between the tutor and students and conducted online via Zoom or Google Meet etc unless both you and the tutor arrange in person meetings held in an open area.
3. Tutors will help with vocabulary, speaking practices, explanations of grammar or correction suggestions from edits on papers but will not correct students’ work for classes or do assignments for them.





Contact Info

Jessica Mattioli SPAN 101-302

TUES 12:15 pm - 2:15 pm
Center for Languages and Cultures
(Welles 2 - Welles basement)
Lian Mcguane

SPAN 101-213

E-mail or call to schedule
(607) 237-4053

Gail Cabahug

SPAN 101-314 TUES THURS FRI after 12:30 pm
email to schedule
Danine Herrera Olivo All email times and dates to schedule an appointment


French - Spring 2022 schedule.

This Fall several French majors and minors, and students with advanced knowledge of French have volunteered to donate their time and skills to tutor students at the 101, 102, 200 and 300 levels. Please see the chart below for their availability, course levels they will tutor, mode of meeting and contact information.

Please email the tutor 12-24 hours before you’d like to meet. Please bring your textbook and notebook with you to the meeting. When you contact a tutor to set up a meeting please use the following format:

Subject: tutoring request for FREN [enter course number]  
In your email, please include the following information:

  1. What you would like to focus on (specific grammar structures, vocabulary, speaking practice, etc.)
  2. What time you would like to meet (a 20-minute time slot)
  3. If applicable, what mode of meeting you would like to have (in person, Google Meet, etc.)






Merrill DiPonzio

Mon 6pm-7pm

101, 102


Lexie Hnatiw

Tues 4pm-6pm

101, 102

In person or Zoom

Gaetan Jean Louis

Wed 3pm-5pm

All levels

In person or Zoom/Google Hangouts

Sonyka Celestin

Thurs 1pm-3pm

All levels In person or Zoom

Sébastien Revello

Wed 3pm-5pm

All levels

In person (Welles 2) or Zoom