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Center For Languages & Cultures

Center for Languages and Cultures

Location: Welles 2

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In 2011, The Center for Languages and Cultures was created with the Mission to be a Cross Cultural Bridge with the World for our students and community at Geneseo through language diversity, studying and experimenting historical perspectives, traditions, religions, societies, communities and cultures. We want to help our students and community develop acceptance about the past and present to be able to create a future together.

The Language Center started working with three functions that are not mutually exclusive. Writing and Reading support services in other languages with the correct cultural context:

  • Tutoring: knowledge reinforcement of language studies on campus, on-line and in other educational centers in our community.
  • Book Club: Develop verbal expression of ideas and feelings about books in other languages.
  • Writing club: Practice the written expression in other language about ideas and feelings by rhymes, poems, compositions, etc…
  • Workshops: with the objective to reinforce the abilities in oral and written communication in other languages.

Develop social activities that permit learning about other cultures within the framework of meeting basic human needs.

  • Events: Social conversations, film circles, games, competitions, traditional celebrations, theater presentations, arts: dance, music, poems, etc…
    • International TV hour.
    • World Music
    • Open house with a flavor of the world ( International Menu )
  • Talks “Languages as the technology of the 21st Century”
    • Alumni are invited to share their experiences in the professional world and the use of other languages as an advantage.

Research and development activities related to the Languages and Literatures Department to ensure innovation and a continuity in adapting to global social political and environmental changes.

  • Technology-pedagogy integration teaching in any environment: Classroom, home, on-line…
  • Research community necessities: developing courses, classes, materials, community services
    • Translations for the Health department and schools in the area.
    • Project TOGETHER was created to help the members of the Spanish-speaking community who want to learn or improve their proficiency in English. At the same time, we seek to offer our students the opportunity to tutor in English, and practice their Spanish at the same time. We all win TOGETHER. The members of the team TOGETHER are the Spanish-speaking community, the Village of Geneseo community, the Livingston County Health Department (the MICHC Program), the Languages and Literatures Department, the School of Education and the Center for Languages and Cultures.
    • Support the Geneseo Migrant Center Health with packages for farm migrants and newborns. Share a blanket prior to Thanksgiving. Providing clothes for the cold weather.
    • Program: Amigas y Amigos Geneseo students host migrant farm workers that are close to graduate for High School to see the different opportunities that Geneseo can offer them.
  • Develop teaching expertise for our students as part of their integrated development.
    • TAs and tutors for Geneseo Central School and Geneseo Nursery (closed now).
    • Tutors for Geneseo Migrant Center program HEP.
  • Develop ideas for fundraising to support our students in their goals as speakers of foreign languages with passion for the understanding of other cultures via study abroad, conventions, seminars, didactical material, equipment, etc..
    • Mexican Dinner – To support the work with the Geneseo Migrant Center and the project TOGETHER.
    • T SHIRT: WHAT IS YOUR GLOBAL POWER to fund scholarship for minors
    • Yo puedo Series-text series to supplement scholarships for study abroad programs in Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Develop joint ventures and strategic alliances with other colleges and institutes to ensure our adaptability and integration of new educational, technological and cross cultural trends. (This was an idea that has yet to come to fruition.)