Geneseo Lingo & Terminology

All Things Geneseo: Lingo, commonly used terminology around our campus community, and locations on campus!

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Bailey Hall

One of our newly renovated buildings, Bailey Hall houses our social sciences departments: Anthropology, Geography, Psychology, and Sociology. Bailey Hall is building #1 on our campus map.

Blake Hall

Blake Hall is building #6 on our campus map. Blake Hall houses the Multicultural Center, CAS ID Card Services, and various other campus departments.

Brodie Hall

Erected in 1967, Brodie Hall is the home to our Art History, Music and Musical Theatre, and Theatre and Dance departments. Brodie Hall is building #2 on our campus map.



Convocation marks the beginning of your academic journey at Geneseo. It is a formal welcome from Dr. Battles and other campus leaders. It serves as a bookend to Commencement.


Commencement marks the completion and graduation from an academic program here at Geneseo. See Geneseo’s Commencement webpage for more information!


CUPS is our College Union Programming Space, located on the 2nd floor of the Union next to Starbucks. Grab a coffee and get some work done or host an event in this cozy space!

Corner Pocket

Pick up your favorite Starbucks drink before heading into this space, where you can play a game of pool or catch up with some friends!



Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging that we promote throughout our campus community.

Doty Hall

Doty Hall is located across from the College Circle and contains the Office of Admissions, Title IX Office, and Doty Recital Hall. Doty Hall is building #10 on our campus map.


Edgar Fellows

Edgar Fellows are members of Geneseo’s honors program. Entry to the program is invitation-based and students complete a year-long capstone project to commemorate their honors thesis.

Emmeline the Bear

Emmeline is the name of the beloved bear statue atop the Emmeline Wadsworth Memorial Fountain in the center of Main St. The bear was designed by architect Richard Morris Hunt, who is well known for designing the base of the Statue of Liberty. Her name inspires that of many other campus organizations, including the Society of Emmeline and the Emmelotics a-capella group!

Erwin Hall

Erwin Hall is home to a variety of administrative departments and student services on campus. Erwin houses the Office of the Registrar, Office of the Provost, the Office of Financial Aid, Student Accounts, the Career Design Center, ISSS, DAPA, and Study Abroad, amongst many others. Erwin Hall is building #7 on our campus map.


Fraser Hall

Fraser Hall is building #13 on our campus map. This building houses the Fraser Hall Library as well as the academic departments of Political Science & International Relations. Fraser is also connected to Sturges and Welles Hall underground!


The Gazebo

The Gazebo is located next to Sturges Hall and overlooks the beautiful views of the valley in which Geneseo is built. One can often find students sitting and watching the picturesque sunset that falls over the valley.


GREAT DAY is a college-wide celebration of the creative and scholarly endeavors of our students. GREAT Day (Geneseo Recognizing Excellence, Achievement & Talent) helps foster academic excellence, encourages professional development and builds connections within the community.  Students share poster presentations of their research, mini lecture presentations, musical performances, art displays, and dance performances, just to name a few.   

The Green

The Green is the grassy center of the upper quad, bordered by Bailey Hall, the ISC, and Erwin Hall. This spot is perfect for studying or lounging outside when the weather is nice!


GLOW stands for Geneseo, Livingston, Orleans, and Wyoming counties.


Integrative Science Center (ISC)

The ISC is the home to the Biology and Geology departments as well as numerous learning spaces, classrooms, and laboratories. This center has numerous Biology facilities, including the Animal Care Facility, the Greenhouse, the Spencer J. Roemer Arboretum, and the SUNY Geneseo/Genesee Valley Conservancy Research Reserve. The ISC is building #4 on our campus map.

Ira S. Wilson Ice Arena

The Ira S. Wilson Ice Arena is the home of the Geneseo Ice Knights, our Division III Men’s Hockey team. Additionally, the ice arena holds Commencement for graduating students at the conclusion of each academic year. The arena is located in Merritt Athletic Center, building #19 on our campus map.


Kuhl Gymnasium

The Louise Kuhl Gymnasium is Geneseo’s recreational and special event facility. This space often hosts volleyball and basketball events as well as all intramural and recreational activities. The Kuhl Gymnasium is located in the Merritt Athletic Center, which is building #19 on our campus map.


The Lamron

The Lamron is the College newspaper, available weekly and online. The name is “Normal” spelled backwards, referencing Geneseo’s original name as Geneseo Normal and Training School.

Letchworth Dining Hall

Commonly referred to simply as Letch or LW, Letchworth Dining Hall is one of three dining halls on campus, located on the north side of campus. Letch is building #28 on our campus map.


Mary Jemison (MJ) Dining Hall

MJ is one of three dining halls on campus, located in Central Campus. MJ is building #34 on our campus map.

MacVittie College Union (MCU)

MacVittie College Union is building #14 on our campus map. The Union is home to Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS), the campus mail room, the Center for Community, Federal Credit Union, GOLD, the Geneseo Bookstore, Student Life, Residential Life, the Student Association, study areas, Starbucks, and more!  

Merritt Athletic Center

The Merritt Athletic Center is home to the Ira S. Wilson Ice Arena, the Louise Kuhl Gymnasium, the pool and fitness center, and offices of our athletic administrative staff. This building is #19 on our campus map.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is required for all members of the Geneseo community to sign into all Geneseo-related accounts. MFA software provides an extra layer of security to online accounts, as access is granted upon the presentation of two or more pieces of evidence to the authentication mechanism. This authenticator can be downloaded on your phone or added as a browser extension. Find more information about MFA and setting this up on your device at CIT!

Milne Library

The Milne Library has been under renovation and will be reopening in Fall 2024! The two-floor newly renovated library space is located next to Newton and will provide students with ample study spaces, literature, and CIT resources. Milne Library is building #5 on our campus map.

Multicultural Center

The creation of the Multicultural Center was fueled by previous and present generations’ desire to create a space that directly caters to the experiences of marginalized communities. This center is a collaborative space for creative expression, relaxation, and community and cultural development. A variety of events take place in this space throughout the academic year that align with the mission of the space. The Multicultural Center is located in Blake Hall, which is building #6 on our campus map.


Newton Hall

Newton is building #3 on our campus map. This building is home to CIT’s main office and houses some larger lecture halls and classroom spaces.

North Village/North Side

North Village or North Side of campus is the area of campus beginning at Steuben and Allegany Residence Halls, spanning until the edge of campus slightly north of Genesee Residence Hall.


Painted Tree

The Painted Tree is located in the Sturges Quad. Registered Geneseo student organizations may reserve the Tree for one week at a time for creative expression, fundraising opportunities, advertisement, or events the group is putting on. Students can reserve the tree by submitting a Publicity Request form with the Department of Student Life.


Red Jacket (RJ) Dining Hall

RJ is one of three dining halls on campus, located in South Village. RJ is building #39 on our campus map.

Regional Transit Service (RTS)

RTS is a free shuttle bus that runs throughout Geneseo during the week and up to Rochester on the weekends!

Roemer Arboretum

The Spencer J. Roemer Arboretum is a 20-acre park and research site located near Onondaga Hall. The Arboretum features plant gardens, a 9/11 memorial, picnic tables, a gazebo, and large oak trees over 200 years old scattered throughout.


Saratoga Terrace Townhouses

The Saratoga Terrace Townhouses offer an independent living style and are occupied by primarily junior and senior students. Townhouses offer an off campus feel while still falling in the Central campus between the academic buildings and South Village. There are 44 townhouses on campus and the Commons, a shared common building for this living community. The Townhouse community is #35 on our campus map, while the Commons is building #36.

Schrader Hall

Schrader Hall is building #17 on our campus map. This building is home to the Carl Schrader Gymnasium, four racquetball courts, academic classrooms, a dance studio, and a student-athlete weight training facility. Schrader Hall is also home to UPD!

Seuss Spruce

The beloved Seuss Spruce is located in the center of the Sturges Quad. It gained its name due to an ice storm in the 1990s that weighed down the tree and almost crushed it, leaving it shaped like the Dr. Seuss tree drawing. The students loved the eccentric tree and advocated that it not be cut down, so the Seuss Spruce has stood in its comical glory ever since!

South Hall

Connected to Fraser and Welles Halls, South Hall is the home of the School of Business, the School of Education, the Math Department, and CIT Offices. South Hall is building #13 on our campus map.

South Village/South Side

South Village/South Side of campus refers to the residence halls and Red Jacket dining hall, which are south of Mary Jemison Drive.

Sturges Hall

Sturges Hall is building #11 on our campus map. This academic building is home to Communications, History, and Political Science/International Relations academics. It is currently going under a total renovation and is set to reopen in Fall 2026!


Victor E. Knight

Our beloved mascot Victor is Victor E. Knight, easily recognizable by his knight helmet and blue uniform. See him at various campus events and sporting events!


Wadsworth Auditorium

The Wadsworth Auditorium is building #8 on our campus map. With a capacity of 938 seats, this space often hosts larger presentations, performances, and other events on campus.

Welles Hall

Welles Hall is building #9 on our campus map. Connected to Wadsworth and South Hall, Welles is the home of the Language, Philosophy, and English departments. Welles Hall used to be the elementary school in Geneseo!

Weeks of Welcome (WOW)

The first few weeks of the semester are commemorated with our Weeks of Welcome programming, which is a blend of events through various campus organizations as well as the Department of Student Life!


Geneseo’s very own campus radio station, broadcasting at 89.3 FM. WGSU's studio is located in Blake Hall, which is building #6 on our campus map.