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Commencement 2021

May 12 Graduate Procession and RecognitionClass of 2021 Logo

Video of the 2021 Procession & Recognition will remain available for the next year and can be downloaded and saved to your personal device. 

Official Commencement Ceremony

The Class of 2021 Commencement Ceremony and degree conferral will be available online beginning May 22 at 10:00 a.m.

In addition to the commencement ceremony, the virtual event will include a senior oration, messages from Geneseo alumni, and individual recognition for each graduate. Graduates were invited to submit their own individual photo, brief statement and 10 second video clip.

Starting in January, we advised graduating seniors to expect emails from "StageClip" and Geneseo's events office asking for a photo, a statement, or a video for the virtual commencement. Since then, we have sent seven emails urging students to upload material for the ceremony. To allow time for video compilation and captioning, the submission deadline was May 12.

All graduating seniors will be recognized in the virtual ceremony, regardless if they submitted materials.

Commencement Programs

Two copies of the 155th Commencement for SUNY Geneseo program will be mailed to each graduate’s home in the coming weeks.


Diplomas will be mailed to graduates’ homes within 90 days of the student’s graduation date; students can verify status in their Knightweb account.