Thomas Osburn

Associate Professor
ISC 228G
(585) 245-5509
Heather Morens


  • PHYS 123: Analytical Physics I

    An analytical, calculus-based treatment of kinematics, Newton's laws, kinetic and potential energy, friction, linear momentum, angular momentum, rotational dynamics, gravitational physics, and simple harmonic motion.

  • PHYS 336: Intermed Elec & Magnetism II

    This course constitutes a continuation of PHYS 335: Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism I. Material to be covered will include solutions of Maxwell's equations; investigation of electric and magnetic fields in domains not treated in the previous course, such as the propagation of electromagnetic waves in conducting and non-conducting media; electromagnetic radiation; wave guides; special theory of relativity and relativistic electrodynamics. Prerequisites: PHYS 335 or permission of department. Offered every spring

  • PHYS 362: Intermediate Laboratory

    Devoted to the understanding of some of the classic experiments in physics. Experiments are from all fields of physics, but particular attention is given to experiments which complement courses being taken concurrently.