Thomas Osburn

Associate Professor
ISC 228G
(585) 245-5509
Heather Morens


  • PHYS 123: Analytical Physics I

    An analytical, calculus-based treatment of kinematics, Newton's laws, kinetic and potential energy, friction, linear momentum, angular momentum, rotational dynamics, gravitational physics, and simple harmonic motion.

  • PHYS 226: Optics & Modern Physics Lab

    Devoted to the understanding of experiments in Optics, Atomic Physics, and Nuclear Physics. Typical experiments would cover composite lens systems, interference effects, e/m, emission spectra, and radioactive decay.

  • PHYS 261: Programming in Physics

    Course will introduce students to computational techniques used in physics. Students will learn programming syntax in a modern programming language and will learn how to simulate physical systems and solve problems arising in physics and astronomy, as well as in other related fields.