Thomas Osburn

Associate Professor
ISC 228G
(585) 245-5509
Heather Morens


  • PHYS 120: Physics First Year Experience

    An introductory course for entering students considering a career in physics or engineering. Through presentations, discussions and investigations the question "What is Physics?" will be examined. Study methods and time utilization for success in physics will also be addressed.

  • PHYS 226: Optics & Modern Physics Lab

    Devoted to the understanding of experiments in Optics, Atomic Physics, and Nuclear Physics. Typical experiments would cover composite lens systems, interference effects, e/m, emission spectra, and radioactive decay.

  • PHYS 261: Programming in Physics

    Course will introduce students to computational techniques used in physics. Students will learn programming syntax in a modern programming language and will learn how to simulate physical systems and solve problems arising in physics and astronomy, as well as in other related fields.

  • PHYS 372: Undergraduate Research

    Designed to introduce the student to research techniques in physics, astronomy, or engineering. With faculty supervision, each student will complete a significant project which requires originality and broadens knowledge.