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Thomas Osburn

Assistant Professor
ISC 234
(585) 245-5509


  • PHYS 123: Analytical Physics I

    An analytical, calculus-based treatment of kinematics, Newton's laws, kinetic and potential energy, friction, linear momentum, angular momentum, rotational dynamics, gravitational physics, and simple harmonic motion. Notes: Both PHYS 123 and either PHYS 114 or PHYS 124 must be passed to receive core credit. A student may not receive credit for both PHYS 113 and PHYS 123. Prerequisites/Corequisites: MATH 221 or permission of department. PHYS 114 or PHYS 124 or permission of department. Offered every fall.

  • PHYS 124: N/Analytical Physics I Lab

    An experimental course developing laboratory and analytical skills in physics. Includes experiments in kinematics, Newton's laws, uncertainty analysis, momentum and energy conservation, and projectile motion. Prerequisites/Corequisites: PHYS 123 or permission of department. Offered every fall

  • PHYS 261: Programming in Physics

    Course will introduce students to computational techniques used in physics. Students will learn programming syntax in a modern programming language and will learn how to simulate physical systems and solve problems arising in physics and astronomy, as well as in other related fields.