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Physics Program Overview

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The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers degree programs in Physics and Applied Physics.  There is also a cooperative "3-2" engineering program.

  1. Physics Bachelor of Arts Students in the Physics B.A. program are well-prepared for graduate study in physics, engineering, and other technical fields.  Many students in this program also enter the workforce immediately after graduation in commercial and/or industrial jobs.  The Physics B.A. degree is required  for students pursuing Certification in Secondary Education (7-12): Physics and General Science.
  2. Applied Physics (Bachelor of Science) Students in the Applied Physics B.S. program go on to graduate schools in engineering and related fields.  Students with the Applied Physics B.S. degree are well-prepared to enter the workforce in a technical area immediately following graduation. 
  3. Preparation for Engineering (Five year "3-2" Program) is a program offered in cooperation with a number of engineering schools. Students in this program spend 3 years at Geneseo and their final 2 years at an engineering school. At the completion of the program, they will receive two Bachelor's degrees - a B.A. degree in Physics from Geneseo and a B.S. degree in Engineering from the engineering school.  Recommendations to the engineering schools will depend on grade point averages earned at Geneseo. Currently, we have programs with the following schools: Case Western Reserve, Clarkson, and Columbia.

The Department also offers programs in Biophysics and Geophysics, and a Minor in Physics.

Please consult the College Bulletin for more details about these programs.

It is strongly recommended that students start the Analytical Physics sequence during the freshman year. Students who, for one reason or another, are unable to complete Analytical Physics I and II in their freshman year might be able to begin the sequence in their sophomore year and successfully complete the requirements of the major. However, this will involve doubling of physics electives in their senior year.  Physics majors interested in Certification in Secondary Education (7-12): Physics and General Science program need to apply to the School of Education.