About SA Tech Services

The SA Tech Services officially operates ONLY when classes are in session, due to the fact that the crew is made up entirely of students. While there are usually one or two students around during the break(s), it is not a guarantee. If you have an event prior to the start of a semester, please contact the Director of SA Programs, Personnel & Finances at krebban@geneseo.edu or one of the Tech Directors at techserv@geneseo.edu.

Requesting SA Tech for Your Event

SA Tech requires that all request forms be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event so that we may provide you with the best service possible.


  •     Student Organizations - $16.95/hour per technician

  •     Academic/Administrative Offices - $18.00/hour per technician

Late Fees  

If a request is submitted less than two weeks prior to the event and SA Tech chooses to accept the request, the following fees will apply:     

  • Within two weeks of the event - $75.00

  • Within one week of the event - $100.00

  • Within 48 hours of the event - $150.00

Staging Fees  

  • Organizations requesting the use of staging for their event must provide at least five members to assist with set-up and tear-down and must schedule a meeting with a Technical Director to make the necessary arrangements.

  • If the organization does not provide the five members to assist with set-up and tear-down, a staging fee of $150.00 will be added to their technical services bill.

  • Any Organization requesting the use of stage decking outside of MacVittie College Union and Wadsworth Auditorium must provide a truck to transport the Stage

Terms of Service

  1. SA Tech reserves the right to deny any request not received within two weeks of the event.

  2. Without a request form, SA Tech will not work the event. Questions about the request form can be emailed to techserv@geneseo.edu.

  3. The only acceptable way of requesting technical service from SA Tech is to complete the online request form. Email and in-person requests will not be accepted.

  4. SA Tech will not provide services to non-recognized student groups.

  5. Rental Equipment is available for all recognized student organizations. Contact one of the technical directors at techserv@geneseo.edu for more information.

  6. A qualified SA Tech worker must accompany all SA Tech equipment throughout the duration of the event, including set-up and tear-down. Unless it is an approved rental.

  7. A minimum of two technicians will be scheduled for every event unless deemed unnecessary by SA Tech.

  8. SA Tech reserves the right to determine the appropriate number of hours required to properly set-up and tear-down for an event. You should expect to pay for a minimum of one hour for set-up and one hour for tear-down per technician. All facility reservations with Campus Scheduling and Special Events must begin 1.5 Hours before the intended event start time.

  9. Safe working conditions MUST be maintained. SA Tech will not set up or operate in unsafe conditions and SA Tech has sole discretion over what conditions are deemed unsafe.

  10. The supply and quality of CDs, DVDs, laptops, video cassettes, etc. are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Please test these items prior to the event.

  11. All production and cues for the event are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. When possible, the sponsoring organization should arrange for a sound check and/or rehearsal prior to the actual event.

  12. If the event is canceled, it is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to pay for any technical services already rendered and contact SA Tech immediately at techserv@geneseo.edu. Included should be the name of the event and reason for the cancellation. If contact is made within 24 hours of the event the organization may be subject to a $20 late cancellation fee. If this contact is not made at all, the organization may be charged for all services provided plus an additional $50.

  13. Any event requested and scheduled within 48 hours of the event will be subject to a $150 late fee along with double the normal rate of pay per technician. At the Discretion of the Technical Director

  14. By submitting a completed request form, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the terms of service outlined above.

Sturges Auditorium

Please note: SA Tech does not provide technical support for events in Sturges Auditorium. Insufficient power and equipment do not allow us to properly provide tech in this space.