Geneseo Phonathon

Phonathon is a fundraising program that encourages relationship-building and philanthropy by connecting current SUNY Geneseo students with alumni, parents and friends of the college. Callers inform alumni of new developments and events on campus. Phonathon Callers also update contact information and invite alumni and friends to support the Fund for Geneseo, which benefits many of the academic departments, clubs, and organizations on campus. Visit our annual fund page to learn more.

Phonathon Location: Doty Hall at the Kramer Call Center, Room 216.
Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday, 5:15 - 8:30 p.m.

If you have additional questions or comments, please contact us by email at or phone at 585-245-5503.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you calling?

Our current students love to speak with alumni and learn about where life takes them after Geneseo. We’ll update your contact information, ask for some advice, and keep you informed on the amazing things the annual fund supports here at Geneseo!

How often will you call me?

If we catch your voicemail, we will try you again in about a month.  If we’re able to have a conversation, then we will move you to our calling list for the next year!

Why do you show up as potential spam?

Making so many calls a night to awesome alums like you can get us flagged by providers. Not to worry, we are real students calling from the Geneseo campus!

Who is calling?

Phonathon callers are all current SUNY Geneseo students.

Can I make a donation over the phone?

While we can assist you over the phone, we unfortunately cannot take debit or credit cards. You can donate online by clicking on our giving link, or you can send your donation through the mail with a pledge card.

Is this the same as Geneseo Storytellers?

Phonathon is a separate entity from Geneseo Storytellers. You can learn more about Geneseo Storytellers here.

I missed your call, how can I call you back?

If we get your voicemail, we will call you again within the semester. However, if you would like to contact us, our callback number is (585) 245-5503.

How can I make sure you have my updated number?

You can update your contact information online.

My caller mentioned Matching Gifts. How can I check if my employer participates?

You can check if your employer matches gifts on our matching gifts information page.

Meet the Callers


Emma '23 - Supervisor

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: Business Administration
Campus Involvement: GOLD Mentor, Delta Phi Epsilon
Quote: "My favorite part of being a caller is having meaningful conversations with alumni and hearing about all their stories and memories."


Alicia '22 - Supervisor

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Major: Psychology
Campus Involvement: DeHart’s Sibling and Friend Research Lab
Quote: "My favorite part of Phonathon is hearing all of the interesting stories from alumni about their time at Geneseo!"


Aryanna '23 

Hometown: Clifton Park, NY
Major: Psychology
Campus Involvement: Sigma Delta Tau
Quote: "My favorite part of being a caller is connecting with alumni of all ages and hearing about their post graduation lives and occupations."


Kylah '24

Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Major: Accounting
Campus Involvement: Sigma Delta Tau
Quote: "My favorite part about phonathon is relating to alumni and getting to know them better!"


Mary '24

Hometown: Medina, NY
Major: Early Childhood Education
Campus Involvement: Sigma Delta Tau
Quote: "I love meeting SDT alumni over the phone."


Claire B '24

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: Psychology
Campus Involvement: HEROS Youth Mentorship Program, TA for psychology
Quote: "I love all the people I have met at Geneseo. I have made the greatest friends I've ever had!"


Jenna '24

Hometown: Wantagh, NY
Major: Early Childhood Education
Campus Involvement: Eboard member of Alpha Omega Pi, member of ESEA club
Quote: "My favorite part about Geneseo is the friends I have made here!"


Taylor '24 

Hometown: Long Island, NY
Major: Sociomedial Sciences
Campus Involvement: Sigma Kappa
Quote: "My favorite part about Geneseo is seeing my friends everyday, and the sunsets."


Claire H '24 

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: Political Science
Campus Involvement: Sigma Delta Tau
Quote: "My favorite part of Geneseo is the friends I've made over the last 2 years and how it has become my second home."


Christopher '23 

Hometown: Hewlett, NY
Major: Communications and Political Science
Campus Involvement: Alpha Chai Rho
Quote: "My favorite aspect of Geneseo is the ability to bring people together through different events that are held on and off campus."


Becca '24 

Hometown: Eastchester, NY
Major: Business Administration (Marketing minor)
Campus Involvement: Sigma Delta Tau
Quote: "My favorite part of Geneseo is the sunsets!"